Ford Australia To Produce and Donate 100,000 Face Shields For COVID-19 Health Workers

Today is a really proud day for us at Ford Australia as we announce that we will produce and donate up to 100,000 face shields for frontline healthcare workers during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Over the past few weeks and after an epic collaborative effort from teams across Ford, prototype face shields were developed and tested in five Victorian hospitals. With the design approved by the Victorian Government, the shields are now being produced at scale and distributed to frontline healthcare workers.

Ford has deployed a core team to produce the face shields, with around 50,000 shields already assembled at production cells in Broadmeadows.

“We said from the beginning of COVID-19 that any way we could help, we would help,” said Kay Hart, President & CEO of Ford Australia & New Zealand. “Producing face shields is certainly something new for us, but our innovation team and engineers were able to test a number of different designs in hospitals and with their input we have been able to get the face shield right for the people who will be wearing them.

“With testing of the prototype shield now complete, we’re quickly ramping up production and working to dispatch the shields to medical workers and other facilities that need them.”

As we continue to produce shields, we are also liaising with the government on its ongoing needs for the supply of face shields to see if we can help address demand for Personal Protective Equipment.

While we at Ford may not be out there on the frontlines of the health crisis, we are proud to make a contribution to getting Australia through it.

Thank you to all those involved – it was a truly cross-functional effort and showed the ingenuity, passion and heart of not only the teams who worked directly on the project but all of us at Ford.

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Ford Australia’s team will produce and donate up to 100,000 face shields to frontline healthcare workers during the COVID-19 outbreak

Prototype face shields were tested in five hospitals after production at Ford’s Broadmeadows product development facilities

Ford Australia worked with the Victorian government to refine and finalise the design of face shields, and is now liaising with government on ongoing supply needs.

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