Taxes / W-2 Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the online W-2 to file my taxes? 

YES, you can only use the online W-2 to file your taxes if you are filing electronically.

Can I import my W-2 into Turbo Tax or other tax software? 

NO, although this option is being considered for the future.

Will I still receive a paper copy of my W-2? 

YES! W-2s for all Ford and subsidiary hourly and salaried employees will be mailed by January 31.

Why don't my Federal wages on the W-2 match the YTD amount listed on the year-end paystub?

W-2 Federal wages may not match the year-end paystub for one (or more) of the following reasons:

     1. There are certain gross ups that occur at the end of the year which may occur after the last check is processed.

     2. The W-2 may also include any income that may have been earned at the end of 2013, but not issued until Jan. 2014 (December time card exceptions not paid until January).

Employee is taxed in two states, but the earnings reported for both states don't equal the Federal wage?

Different states have different requirements for what earnings are to be reported. Some states require the total to include all wages earned for the entire year, while other states require only wages earned while in the state to be reported.

Why doesn't the FICA, Medicare, and Federal tax amounts listed on my W-2 match the amounts on my 12/31 paystub totals?

Tax laws indicate that FICA and Medicare obligations MUST be met FIRST. The IRS allows an employer to adjust the FICA and Medicare tax amounts during the creation of the W-2 by borrowing from the Federal tax amount to meet obligations, or to add to the Federal tax amount for any excess FICA/Medicare taxes collected.

What are the FICA limits for 2015?

FICA limits are:

2015 FICA wage limit is $118,500
2015 maximum tax deduction is $7,347 

2014 FICA wage limit is $117,000
2014 maximum tax deduction is $7,254

I had additional federal tax money withheld from each paycheck, why isn't it shown on the W-2?

The W-2 does not allow for the two amounts to be listed separately, instead the amount shown is the total amount paid which does include the additional monies paid.

I did not earn the amount of money shown on my W-2. Why are my gross earnings so high?

A possible explanation is if the employee received and exercised their stock options or vested restricted stock, those amounts are included in the year to date earnings.   Another possible explanation is if the employee relocated in the previous year and the relocation expenses were not reported before the end of October, those monies/benefits are included and reported in the next year's W-2.

For example: An employee relocated in 2013, but the relocation expenses were not reported until December, 2013 – the benefit/earnings are carried over to be reported in 2014 and will be included in the 2014 W-2.

Why did I get more than on W-2? 

  1. There are only two lines available to report state and local tax information. If more than two lines are necessary, then a second W-2 will be created as a continuation.

  2. If the employee received long term disability payments from Unicare, then a separate W-2 will be issued by Unicare because they have a different Employer Identification Number (EIN).

  3. If the employee transferred from Hourly to Salaried or from Salaried to Hourly.

  4. If the employee received any Supplemental Unemployment Benefit (SUB) payments during the year they are reported on a separate W-2.


Why are my City wages higher than the State wages?

Some cities require TESPHE cash be included in the wages reported on the W-2.

How do I change my tax exemptions/withholdings? 

Complete a new W-4 form and turn it in to your hourly administrator for processing. Please allow 1-2 pay periods for the change to go into effect.

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