Deductions Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll, change, or cancel a U.S. Savings Bond deduction?

Effective October 1, 2010, Ford Motor Company terminated the Ford Savings Bond Program. Payroll deductions were stopped and any monies deducted that did not reach the purchase value of the bond will be/were refunded to the employee in a regular paycheck by October 31, 2010. Bond purchase options will continue to exist via the website or your financial institution.

How do I enroll/cancel or change my United Way Contribution? 

Please contact your local labor relations office to complete a new United Way form.

How do I enroll/cancel or change a Credit Union Deduction?

The participating credit union submits the necessary bank forms to Employee Payments. There are not "Ford specific" forms. 

Who do I contact for information about my Ford Motor Credit car loan deductions? 

For information about car loan deductions, please contact Ford Credit directly at 1-800-727-7000 or you can visit their website at:

Who do I ask about Income Withholding Orders, including Friend of the Court? 

Please send your inquiry via email to: Please note that if you have any documents related to initiating, changing, or canceling any type of income withholding order they must be mailed to the below address for processing:

Ford Motor Company
Employee Payments
Attn:  Income Withholding Orders
One American Road
WHQ 727-E2
Dearborn, MI  48126

Income withholding order documents can not be accepted via fax or email. Any orders sent this way will not be processed.



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