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Message from Jim Farley
Ford's Group Vice President of Global Marketing, Sales and Service shares his thoughts on the company's new global brand promise Go Further.  Click here for an excerpt from that discussion.

For more of Jim’s perspective, click here to watch the accompanying video.

 Why Introduce a Global Brand Promise Now?

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​DEARBORN - The time is now to introduce a global brand promise, according to Elena Ford, director, Global Marketing, Sales and Service.

“We couldn’t have done this three years ago because we couldn’t tie a global brand promise to vehicles that were regional,” said Ford.  “At that time, the Focus models in the U.S., Europe, Brazil and Asia-Pacific were very different from one another.  There was no common ground.” 

Today, the company has a much stronger global vehicle portfolio.  For example, the new Focus launched recently in the U.S. and Europe (and soon in China) is essentially the same car with 80 percent of the parts in common.  That consistent, clear identity among products is what now enables the company to speak to customers in a single voice and communicate a strong brand promise, according to Jim Farley, group vice president, Global Marketing, Sales and Service.

“Ford vehicles produced with our unique Quality, Green, Safe and Smart DNA are coming to market now in big enough volumes that the customer can see the same things we see inside the company with the One Ford plan,” he said.  “It’s a perfect time for us to promise each other to keep it up, and it’s time for us to go public externally to the customers and say this is who we are and the unique DNA and culture of our company make us different than Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and all the other competitors out there.” 

According to Farley, the Go Further spirit is what helped Ford weather tough economic times and emerge as a prosperous company. 

“Inside all of us at Ford there is a secret sauce, and that secret sauce makes us all committed to going further and not just in a time of crisis.  It’s actually the exciting part that when things are at their best, we’re still not going to become complacent,” he said.  “One of the roles for the global brand promise is to capture that emotional commitment and spirit that we are all going to go that extra mile and that we’re going to stay focused on what really adds value to the customer’s life.”



1/5/2012 6:00 AM