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 Voting Results from Ford Motor Company’s 2013 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

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​WILMINGTON, Del. – A total of 69 people attended the annual meeting of shareholders in Wilmington, Del. today.

Voting results indicate that a total of 3,162,247,188 shares of common stock and 70,852,076 shares of Class B stock with a total aggregate of 5,734,531,807 votes were represented in person or by proxy at the annual meeting. These shares represent 89.17 percent of all the votes that could have been cast.

Proposal 1. Election of directors
Stephen G. Butler
Kimberly A. Casiano
Anthony F. Earley Jr.
Edsel B. Ford II
William Clay Ford Jr.
Richard A. Gephardt
James H. Hance Jr.
William W. Helman IV
Jon M. Huntsman Jr.
Richard A. Manoogian
Ellen R. Marram
Alan Mulally
Homer A. Neal
Gerald L. Shaheen       
John L. Thornton

Proposal 2. Proposal to ratify the selection of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as the independent registered public accounting firm was approved.
Total votes cast: 5,711,399,902
For:  98.9%  percent
Against:   1.1%  percent
Abstain:   0.4%  percent

Proposal 3. Nonbinding shareholder advisory vote to approve the compensation of the named executives was approved.
Total votes cast: 4,505,741,486
For:  93.1%  percent
Against:   6.9%  percent
Abstain:   0.6%  percent

Proposal 4. Proposal relating to re-approval of the terms of the company’s annual incentive compensation plan was approved.
Total votes cast: 4,498,380,585
For:  90.2%  percent
Against:   9.8%  percent
Abstain:   0.7%  percent

Proposal 5. Proposal relating to the re-approval of the terms of the company’s 2008 long-term incentive plan was approved.
Total votes cast: 4,496,023,884
For:  80.0%  percent
Against: 20.0%  percent
Abstain:   0.8%  percent

Proposal 6. Proposal relating to the approval of the company’s tax preservation plan was approved.
Total votes cast: 4,510,280,526 
For:  95.0%  percent
Against:   5.0%  percent
Abstain:   0.5%  percent
Proposal 7. Shareholder proposal relating to consideration of a recapitalization plan to provide that all of the company’s outstanding stock have one vote per share was rejected.
Total votes cast: 4,508,110,660 
For:  33.4%  percent
Against: 66.6%  percent
Abstain:   0.5%  percent
Proposal 8. Shareholder proposal relating to allowing holders of 10 percent of outstanding common stock the power to call special shareholder meetings was rejected.
Total votes cast: 4,507,070,480 
For:  19.4%  percent
Against: 80.6%  percent
Abstain:   0.5%  percent



5/9/2013 11:00 AM