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​Product specialist Lauren Schultz
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 The People Behind the Lincoln Experience at the New York International Auto Show

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​NEW YORK - The new Lincoln not only includes seven significantly refreshed or all-new vehicles over the next three years, it also includes a brand-new experience demonstrated by the artistic and design-oriented ambience at the 2012 New York International Auto Show.

In addition to the introduction of the brand’s all-new midsize sedan, the Lincoln MKZ and MKZ Hybrid, auto show guests will enjoy a personalized experience with Lincoln’s luxury ambassadors product specialists in the driver’s seat.

Their diverse backgrounds, ranging from attorney to classical music composer and interior designer, give them the tools to ensure that every auto show visitor walks away from the Lincoln stand with a customized experience.

“I compose music for the piano. The direct listening that is needed to create a composition or music has a direct correlation to listening to the guests at the stand,” says Richard Sparks, Lincoln product specialist.

Product specialist Lauren Schultz uses her skills as an interior designer to make sure that every visitor’s questions and needs are addressed by educating them about the vehicles displayed.

“I am interior designer and I am accustomed to working with high-end clientele,” said Schultz. “Just like my day job, a large part of being a product specialist is educating the consumer about the vehicles and how they will fit into their lifestyles.”

The brand’s auto show display received positive attention in Detroit for its eclectic mix of art, music, technology and detail-oriented guest services, which included the Lincoln Lounge. Brand ambassadors, or product specialists, were there to guide guests through an experience that also included commissioned art from local Detroit artists and Chuck Hoberman’s world-renowned spheres.

Those same specialists have traveled with Lincoln and introduced this brand experience all over the country this auto show season. And, now they are coming to the mecca of luxury, New York City.

The product specialists will be equipped with iPads and available at every corner of the New York International Auto Show stand to answer queries and provide product information, locate dealers for guests and set up times for a test drive, and assist with amenities like refreshments in the Lincoln Lounge.

Lincoln’s product specialists are not the only spokespeople at the show, but they are the most unique.

“A guest came up to me during the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) and said that I was the first person to actually greet him,” says Schultz. “I think a lot of other displays have spokespeople who wait around for someone to approach them and ask questions. We approach our guests and engage with them to find out what they need before they even ask.”

Sparks agrees that the Lincoln auto show experience is distinct having first-hand experience representing competitors at previous auto shows.

“The synergy between leadership all the way down to us creates an edge. I can speak to a Lincoln executive and they treat me like I am just as important and their equal. Everyone at Lincoln believes in quality over quantity. I have worked with other manufacturers as a spokesperson and I can tell you first hand, it is usually about ‘get the leads, get the leads.’ Lincoln understands that quality turns into quantity, and everyone that visits the stand is important.”




4/5/2012 6:00 AM