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 Strong November U.S. Sales Led by Fuel-Efficient Small Cars

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​DEARBORN - November was a particularly strong month for U.S. vehicle sales across Ford’s entire product portfolio with retail sales up 12 percent compared with last year.

And while sales surged in every vehicle segment, Ford’s fuel-efficient small cars led the way, according to Ford U.S. Sales Analyst Erich Merkle.

“Small car sales totaled almost 27,000 vehicles in November,” he said.  “That is a 76 percent increase over the same month last year and our best November for small car sales since the year 2000.” 

The C-MAX Hybrid lineup shined with sales up 52 percent compared with October. 

“We’ve had outstanding numbers with our C-MAX Hybrids with sales last month totaling almost 5,000 vehicles,” said Merkle.  “Our top conquest vehicle is the Toyota Prius, and what’s exciting is that we’re seeing our fastest turn rates in Southern California, which is historically ‘Prius country.’”

The Focus did exceptionally well last month as well with sales up 56 percent versus the same time last year. 
November was also a great month for F-Series pickup trucks, which posted an 18 percent increase over last year.

“It’s our best November since 2005,” said Merkle.  “2005, along with 2004, were two of the best pickup truck years ever in the U.S. from a segment perspective.”

Merkle says the boon in F-Series sales is due to a combination of factors.

“Some automakers claim that they can get the fuel economy but they don’t have the capability.  Our vehicles offer both,” he said.  “We also offer a full lineup of pickup trucks for all buyers with everything from the XL all the way up now to the Platinum series.  And that’s really benefitted us in the marketplace.”

In the sport utility segment, the Ford Explorer – especially the Sport version – posted robust November sales, up almost 30 percent at retail versus last year.

“We had our best retail sales performance with Explorer since the redesign of the vehicle in December of 2010,” said Merkle.  “The Sport is injecting more life into the Explorer lineup.  It’s turning faster on dealer lots than the Shelby GT500 and it’s in line with the Raptor – two of our specialty vehicles.” 



12/4/2012 5:30 AM