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 South American Media Dine in Celebration at NAIAS

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​Joe Hinrichs, president, The Americas, speaks to journalists from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

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DETROIT - Ford colleagues and journalists from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico recently gathered at the South American media dinner at Port of Detroit.

In part of the North American International Auto Show’s press week, the focus of the night was on celebrating the success of developing a global product lineup.

“It’s all part of the One Ford plan coming together to grow the business globally,” said Joe Hinrichs, president, The Americas. “This year alone we will launch the Ford EcoSport and build it in China, India and Thailand – a product that was originally launched in Brazil.”

During the night’s festivities, Ford Brazil announced the production of the new Fiesta hatch at its Sao Bernardo do Campo plant in Brazil, as the result of an already announced R$ 800 million investment. At the event, Ford also was presented with the first-ever 2013 Mercosur Award, for the launch of the Ford EcoSport, Ford Fusion and Ford Ranger.

Both announcements represent important steps in going further to produce global vehicles, according to Hinrichs, who was recently appointed president of The Americas after his three-year role as president in Asia Pacific Africa.

“What is great for me coming into this new opportunity is to take a look at global Ford Motor Company and take advantage of how we can grow our business more. It’s been a long time since we did that across the world, but that’s our expectation and that’s what we’re driving around the business,” said Hinrichs.

Expanding on the seamless lineup of global vehicles, the new Fiesta joins the new EcoSport, new Ranger and new Fusion in Brazil and is the first global vehicle to be produced at the São Bernardo do Campo plant, the birthplace of the Brazilian automotive industry.



1/23/2013 2:40 PM