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 Research and Advanced Engineering Employees Honored for Achievements

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​DEARBORN - From an oxidation shield for tires to a method for diagnosing fuel injectors, it’s Ford engineers and researchers who are the pioneers behind every cutting-edge technology.

More than 200 Research and Advanced Engineering (R&A) employees were honored for their technical and innovative advancements at this year’s 20th annual Research and Advanced Engineering Recognition Event.

“This is about recognizing the greatest achievers for 2011 and a kick-off for the year ahead,” said Paul Mascarenas, vice president, Research and Advanced Engineering.

According to Mascarena’s, implementing new developments from our researchers and engineers is what helps make and keep technology affordable and acceptable for millions of customers around the world.

“Doing so helps our customer experience and helps us build an image for the company going forward,” he said.
Acknowledging the success of Ford, fellow researcher Victor Strecher, University of Michigan’s School of Public Health and chairman and co-founder of HealthMedia, Inc., was the keynote speaker for the event. 

“If I had to pick one building in the entire state of Michigan that is helping that state, it is this building,” said Strecher.

Awards were given out in four categories; Operational Excellence, Technical, Publication and Innovation, as well as Trade Secrets and Defensive Publications.

Some of the awards presented during the 2012 Ford Research and Advanced Engineering recognition event include:

Operational Excellence Awards
• Exemplary Teamwork in Streamlining Process for Submission of Government Contract Proposals
Team Members: Gerald Brooks, Melissa Hendra, Debbie Kowalski, Scott Larkins, Qianyan Xie
• Development of Corporate Readioactive Contamination Test Protocol
Team Members: John Bokuniewicz, Andy Drews, Martin Jones, Scott Larkins, Matt Zaluzec
• R&A Europe Research Center Extension
Team Members: Barney Cruickshank, Heinz Hass, Klaus-Peter Heinig, Joerg Klatt, Michael Lindner, Frank Petri, Guido Vanhees
• Improved Discovery and Access to R&A Technical Reports
Team Members: Sylvia Bly, Nancy Fricano, Leann Kudla, Xiaohui Lu, Derek Sojda, Jennifer White

Technical Achievement Awards
• CD4 Integral Link Rear Suspension
Team Members: Alberto Girelli-Consolaro, Ralf Hintzen, Bjoern Reff, Nicole Zandbergen, Paul Zandbergen, Steve Allen
• Thermo-Mechanical Analyses of Diesel Particulate Filters: Method and Application
Team Members: Christoph Börensen, Alexey Dubkov , Klaus-Peter Heinig, Elmar Riesmeier



6/21/2012 6:00 AM