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 New Marketing Campaign: Who’s Up For A Challenge?

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DUNTON, England - To emphasise the company’s technology leadership, Ford of Europe is launching a major new initiative, and an exciting, multimedia marketing campaign.

At its heart is a remarkable challenge: ‘Tell us how you’d test our technology and if we like your idea, we’ll film it and put you in the driver’s seat’.

The Ford Real World Challenges campaign kicks off with three films shot for TV, cinema and online viewing, each highlighting a specific Ford technology. But unlike more traditional ads, the films star ‘real’ people experiencing this technology in situations they’ve chosen.

As well as showcasing the products, the films are designed to inspire viewers in Europe to suggest their own ideas for challenges too, on Facebook.
In fact, Facebook is the hub of the initiative, with each country having its own dedicated page. There, people can see the films (as well as see exclusive longer versions), then submit their ideas, comment on other peoples and share content.

The best suggestions will then be filmed and posted on Facebook, hopefully starring whoever came up with the idea!

Inspiration is already coming from many directions. For example, local markets are working with film schools, asking students to forward their creative ideas for bringing different Ford technologies to life. And tell us what you think – check out your local Facebook Page.

The stars of the first three films are former lawyer turned Internet entrepreneur Matthias Lorenz-Meyer, former bank employee turned pro kite surfer Núria Gomà and professional stuntwoman Nina Armstrong.

You can find out more about their challenges below. Or just watch the films.

Can a car make it from Rome to Edinburgh on just two tanks of fuel?
Ford challenged Matthias Lorenz-Meyer to see how far he could travel in a Mondeo, on two tanks of fuel. And he set out to see all the locations in his favourite book, The Da Vinci Code. It’s a long journey, but Ford ECOnetic Technology, including Smart Regenerative Charging, Auto-Start-Stop and Eco Mode helped him on his way.

Can a car watch out for you on a high-speed test track?
Ford’s challenge to Núria Gomà: take the wheel of a Ford S-MAX and test our advanced Lane Departure Warning and Blind Spot Information System. She chose to do it on a daunting high-speed track at the Ford Lommel Proving Ground, with put sixteen other fast moving cars on the same stretch of tarmac.

Can a car help you park on the edge of a 10-storey building?
The very latest challenge features Nina Armstrong. And although she’s a stuntwoman by profession, testing Ford Active Park Assist was still a little nerve-wracking. Which is hardly surprising given she was parallel parking millimetres from the edge of a 30m drop.

Ford of Europe’s Real World Challenges campaign will roll out to all of Ford principal 19 European markets.

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2/8/2012 6:00 AM