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 Q&A with Laura Kurtz, Manager, U.S. Recruiting

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DEARBORN - Laura Kurtz, manager, U.S. Recruiting recently discussed how Ford is presently looking to fill more than 500 full-time salaried positions in the United States and wants your help to find qualified people.

Q. How many jobs are available and where are they located?
A. Ford is actively recruiting for salaried positions for most of the skill teams.  We currently have more than 500 jobs available in a variety of areas within the company such as Product Development, Manufacturing, Engineering, Information Technology, Marketing, Sales & Service.  The majority of positions are located in Southeast Michigan. 

Q. What can Ford employees do to help?
A. We are asking all Ford employees to help support our recruiting effort by sharing information and excitement about working at Ford with their colleagues, friends and family.  Ask interested people to apply online at the Ford Careers website at

We are also encouraging employees to follow Ford Recruitment on key social networking sites, mainly Twitter ( and Facebook (  These sites share helpful career information and tips on topics such as interviewing and job seeking.  It is a great resource for family members and friends looking for employment.  Individuals who “like” the Ford Careers Facebook page and follow Ford Careers on Twitter will receive regular updates about exciting new career opportunities. 

Q. If I refer someone to Ford for a job will I be able to check on the status of their application?
A. We keep track of applicants who have been referred by Ford employees to measure the effectiveness of our sourcing strategy.  But due to confidentiality, we are unable to release any information about the status of employment applications or answer individual inquiries about a candidate’s status in the hiring process.

Q. If someone applied for a Ford job in the past and was interviewed but not selected to receive the job, can they apply again? 
A. Yes.  However, we do have a one-year waiting period before people can interview a second time.

Q. What advice can I offer someone interviewing for a job at Ford for a second time?  
A. Encourage them to follow Ford Careers on Twitter because we offer great advice there on how they can best market themselves.  Also, talk to them about what makes you a successful Ford employee.  Understanding the Ford culture and the One Ford behaviors can be a great asset.

Q. I’ve been working as an agency resource at Ford for quite some time.  Am I eligible to apply for a salaried position at Ford?
A. Yes.  Agency resources should follow the same process as external candidates to be considered for full-time opportunities.  You would want to notify your hiring manager that you’re interested in moving to full-time status.  Having that dialogue is key. 

Q. I’m a hiring manager and have a position that needs to be filled.  What should I do? 
A. If you have an opening in your area that needs to be filled, please work with your staffing consultant or Human Resources Business Operations (HRBO) planner to complete an online requisition.  Once that is complete, you will meet with your staffing consultant to talk about the actual requirements of the position.  Then the position would be posted externally.

If you know someone who you believe would be an ideal candidate for the position, you should identify that person as a preferred candidate and tell the recruiter to make sure that he/she is part of the interview process for that job.  As with any other applicant, he/she would have to meet the qualifications for the position.

Please do not go outside of Human Resources to fill an open position.  We have a rigorous process in place that meets legal and federal compliance and when we start going around that process is when we may potentially put the company at risk. 

Q. Does the Ford Careers website include information about plant jobs?
A. No.  Hiring for hourly jobs, such as assembly line and other manufacturing production work, is the responsibility of each individual facility based on the operational requirements of that location. 

As hourly job openings occur, they must first be offered to current Ford employees on layoff or facing layoff, in accordance with collective bargaining agreement provisions.  When hiring needs to occur, Ford facilities use the local state employment service (or other designated agency, such as “Michigan Works! in the state of Michigan) as a source of candidates.  Job seekers are encouraged to register at the state employment service offices nearest the Ford facilities where they are interested in working.  They also should update their registration periodically. 

Q. What about people who are looking for job opportunities outside of the U.S.?  Does the Ford Careers website include information for them? 
A. Those seeking a job outside of the U.S. should go to the Ford Careers website, select another region of the world and follow the instructions for that particular region. 



6/1/2012 7:00 AM