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 Q&A on MyFord and MyLincoln Touch Upgrade

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DEARBORN - As reported, beginning this month, we are delivering a faster, simpler and easier-to-use version of SYNC with MyFord and MyLincoln Touch.  The following is additional information.

Q. What’s most important for us to know about the upgrade?
A. There are several key points:
• The MyFord Touch upgrade shows our commitment to listen and respond
to customer, dealer and employee feedback and continuously improve the system with software updates
• The MyFord Touch upgrade delivers faster touch screen response, simpler graphics and easier to use controls
• We’re offering new features, which include better phone  compatibility, support for tablet computers and Audible audiobooks, improved navigation maps and destination entry, and enhanced voice recognition

Q. How is SYNC working in the showroom?
A. Fifty-six percent of customers tell us SYNC has been a key factor in their purchase decision, reporting that MyFord Touch features are top attractors versus the competition.

Q. How will it get delivered to dealers and customers?
A. The software is available in all Ford and Lincoln dealerships so that they can update their vehicles in stock. We will begin mailing customers USB flash drives later this week. If customers would prefer to go to their dealer for installation, they may choose to schedule an appointment directly.

Q. Will employees receive it the same way?
A. Employees will receve the same treatment as customers with the exception of employees who participated in the last beta test.  These vehicles have the latest software.

Q. What did we learn from the employee Beta Test?
A. The employee beta test was an important new edition to our process and we consider it a successful endeavor.  It helped us improve the customer process with the new software.
Q. What will the USB mailings to customers include?
A. The kits will include a USB drive with the updated software, a notification letter, detailed instructions, and an updated user guide. Navigation-equipped vehicle owners will also receive an updated SD card with revised map data and the associated User Agreement.
Q. When do the USB mailings begin?
A. The mailing will begin on March 8 and take several weeks to complete due to the quantity of packages that will be sent out.
Q. Are we taking any warranty actions on MyFord Touch to respond to the concerns?
A. To show our commitment to quality, we are extending the warranty on the SYNC module by one year with unlimited mileage. For example, warranty coverage on the SYNC module will now be four years on Ford vehicles and five years on Lincoln vehicles, both unlimited mileage.
Q. Will this upgrade solve quality issues reported by J.D. Power and Consumer Reports, including the most recent ones?
A. This software upgrade is the result of listening, learning and responding to customer feedback. We’re confident the ownership experience will be significantly improved, and that the resulting third-party quality testing will reflect this.
Q. What’s our response to the Consumer Reports latest ranking?
A. The vehicles we are building today are more reliable than ever. We have made significant strides over the past few years by listening, learning and responding to what our customers tell us. The latest Consumer Reports’ ranking takes into account both average road test scores, which improved by another 2 points this year, as well as the reliability ratings, which reflect issues we have been promptly addressing. Since MyFord Touch launched last fall, Ford has talked to hundreds of owners about their experiences with the new technology. The insights we gathered were instrumental in the development of the upgrades to the system.
Q. Will we continue to offer upgrades?
A. We will continue to evolve and improve the software consistent with the software being cutting-edge and fully responsive to customer needs and tastes and the overall system being best-in-class.
Q. How is the new upgrade simpler?
A. We have re-designed the graphics of the touchscreen by removing low-priority information, using larger and bolder fonts, clearly identifying buttons, simplifying the home screen, and using a consistent grid-based lay-out for all four corners – navigation, phone, entertainment, and climate.
Q. How is the system faster?
A. We’ve improved the response time of the touchscreen and the voice button. As well, the transition time between screens is significantly improved.



3/5/2012 12:50 PM