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 Postcards Help Tell Story Behind Inspiration of All-New 2013 Lincoln MKZ Interior

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​DEARBORN - Lincoln is reinventing itself in every way — from its vehicles and customer experience to the way it communicates.

“Servicing the new luxury consumer is no longer just about feature benefits; that’s the old way of automotive luxury,” said Andrew Georgescu, manager, Product Marketing. “What’s more important to the new luxury customer is the way the vehicle makes them feel and how we as a company and as a brand interact with them.”

Lincoln is targeting a specific group of customers modeled to fit the new Lincoln Cultural Progressive — open-minded, young and affluent consumers.

“The objective is to generate new handraisers so that we can build strong relationships with them and earn a spot on their consideration list when it comes time to buy a new luxury vehicle,” said Jim Peters, manager, Lincoln Communications. 

To kick off this new way of engagement, two black-and-white postcards featuring photos by New York City-based visual artist Tatiana Arocha were sent out last month to 1 million prospective customers. The photos provide context to the inspiration behind the interior design of the all-new Lincoln MKZ midsize sedan.

“The narrative behind the product is something new luxury customers seek out,” said Georgescu.

Soo Kang, Lincoln Interior Design chief, looked to nature when designing the interior of the MKZ.

The sweeping instrument panel, for example, mimics the lobes and wings of the manta ray. Kang created a dramatic sweep accentuated by rich materials and details.

A calla lily inspired the graceful lines and flowing structure of the center console.

“The MKZ interior is visionary and transformational. The interior architecture, inspired by the mantra ray and calla lily, connects with drivers the way they might connect with nature,” said Kang.

Lincoln will continue the conversation through multiple channels, including invitations to special dealer events.

Next is an exclusive mailing with an autographed portrait by San Francisco-based photographer Jason Madara. 

Madara used his cinematic-style photography to create a cityscape point of view as enjoyed through the MKZ’s retractable panoramic glass roof.

Lincoln’s communication efforts hope to create desire for the MKZ by enticing customers with ways that make them feel like they are connected with the brand. Preorders for the MKZ began in July.

“We will continue to build the momentum with them through a number of exclusive and content-rich communication efforts over the next several months in order to sustain their enthusiasm for the new Lincoln and help our targeted customers become advocates for the brand,” said Peters.




11/15/2012 6:15 PM