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 Our Ford Motor Company Global Brand Promise is to Go Further

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​DEARBORN -- A brand promise simplifies a company’s culture and identifies what makes a company different in the consumer world with the products and services it offers. To put it into perspective, One Ford is our plan, while Go Further is the promise behind our efforts.

This graphic below illustrates what a Global Brand Promise (GBP) is all about.  Reading clockwise from the top left hand quadrant:
1) A GBP allows a company to make an emotional connection with its customers and employees.  It conveys the purpose or mission of the brand in a simple and effective manner.
2) Go Further feels quite natural to Ford.  Just like it’s natural for birds to fly or fish to swim, it’s natural for Ford employees to Go Further.
3) Our GBP gives clarity around what we stand for as an employer, a manufacturer of vehicles, and as a corporate citizen. 
4) Ultimately, it serves our business and our goal of profitability for all because if our customers experience Go Further when they purchase our products, they will be repeat customers and tell family and friends. That translates to Market Share and Revenue.
5) One Ford plan describes our strategy, Go Further is the output of that strategy.
6) At the heart of Go further are 3 pillars that set our brand and Company apart.
7) The first is People Serving People – reaching out to serve our internal and external customers and greater communities.
8) The next is Attainability – We give great value to as many people as possible – as Henry Ford’s vision of opening the highways to all mankind.
9) The last pillar is Ingenuity – we are a company whose innovations have literally changed the world.



8/13/2012 6:00 AM