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 Mulally Announces 2013 Health and Safety Award Winners

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​DEARBORN - In Ford’s ongoing effort to recognize and support improvements that increase the health and safety of workers in all Ford environments,  the company today announced the winners of the 2013 Presidents Health and Safety Awards. Find out which Ford team members and plants earned recognition in the following message from Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally.

To: The One Ford Team
It is an honor to announce the winners of the 2013 President's Health and Safety Awards. It is critical that we ensure the health and safety of our employees as we continue working together to maintain the momentum behind Ford's exciting transformation. Our entire team is so proud of these achievements. Congratulations!!
One Team.  One Plan.  One Goal.

 Global Winner – Excellence in Safety Award:
Oakville Assembly – Safety Culture Journey
Global Winners – Excellence in Health Awards:
Ford Vietnam – No Smoking Initiative
Hermosillo Stamping & Assembly – “Going for 1500 Kilos Less”
Roman Krygier Health and Safety Leadership Awards:
Martin Chapman, Operations Manager, Saarlouis Assembly
William Cowell, Plant Manager, Oakville Assembly

Regional Winners – Excellence in Safety Awards:
Asia Pacific
• Chongqing Plants - New Safety Engineer Training Program
• Sanand Vehicle Assembly & Engine Plant - Take a SEAT for Construction
• Cologne Central Workshop - ECPL Innovation for Energy Systems
• Cologne Engine Plant - “This Camera Instead of Your Head”                               
Mexico & South America
• Camacari Engine Plant - Pedestrian Safety Layout Initiative
• Hermosillo Stamping & Assembly - Overhead Pedestrian Catwalk
U.S. & Canada
• VEV-Vehicle Development Operations - Autonomous Test Drive Vehicle Technology and Innovation
Regional Winners – Excellence in Health Awards:
Asia Pacific
• Chennai Engine Plant - Safe Working Environment
• Ford of Germany Health Services - Anti-Addiction Program              
• Ford UK - Ford UK Carers Network
Mexico & South America
• Cuautitlan Stamping and Assembly - Improvement in Drinking Water Distribution Loop
U.S. & Canada
• Windsor Site - Workplace Wellness and the Windsor Site

Performance Award Winners – Manufacturing Facilities
• Dearborn Consolidated Plants (DSP/DDMP)
• Flat Rock Assembly Plant
• Kansas City Assembly Plant
• Broadmeadows Assembly Plant
• Dagenham Engine Plant
• Essex Engine Plant
• Geelong Aluminium Casting
• Nanchang JMC
• Valencia Engine #1 & 2 (Spain)

Performance Award Winners – Non-manufacturing Operations
• Dagenham Transport Operations
• Hartford HVC
• New Model Programs Development Center

• Atlanta HVC
• CSD New Zealand
• Evansville HVC
• Ford Research Center, Aachen
• Greensboro HVC
• Nanjing Research and Engineering Centre
• Silverton Product Development Center
• Valencia Parts Distribution Center (Spain)

 Health & Safety Professional of the Year Awards
• Kevin Kingston - Manager, Safety and Security, Sanand Assembly & Engine Plant (APA)
• Shaun Moran - Senior Safety Engineer, Dagenham Engine Plant (Ford of Europe)
• Christina Redella - Senior Safety Engineer, Cleveland Engine 1 (Americas)
• Gord Stevenson - Risk Manager, Oakville Assembly Complex (Americas)

Special Contribution Awards
Asia Pacific
Nanjing Emergency Response Enhancement Team
Nina Yang, Luo Cui, Tina Tian, Irene Hou, Steven Pan, George Wei, Tony Li, Patrick Fitzgerald and
Jim Zhang
Effective team work to improve emergency response capabilities and awareness
APA Central Office Emergency Response Enhancement Team
Michael Huang, Jessie Zhuang, David Zhao, Zoe Zhang, Jennifer Zhu and Yiko Chen
Effective team work to improve emergency response capabilities and awareness
Cologne Site Medical Team
Dr. Carsten Harbeck, Markus Zimmermann, and Dr. Jens Bernd Fuchs
Initiative to reduce waiting time for mental health care
Cologne Forge Plant (Cotarko)
Heike Vogt, Barbara Stawowy, and Frank Schuerbuescher
Team work to develop and implement Health Circle program
Henry Ford Street Project Team, Saarlouis Plant
Charlotte Bach, Gregor Boden, Christian Bruennet, Giuseppa Brugugnone, Achim Fell, Stefan Fries, Markus Hoffeld, Daniel Knerr, Ingo Kuhn, Gottfried Maas, Vincenzo Mistretta, Tobias Mueller, Patrick Sauer, Christine Schmitt, Reinhold Schmitt and Ugur Uslu
Team work to improve safety of access road and parking lots
Lommel Proving Ground, Test Vehicle Team
Johan Craeghs, Daniel Lemmens, Alfredo De simone, Jurgen Cloostermans and Hein Giekens
Team work to develop Vehicle Loading Manual of test vehicle loading best practices
Lommel Proving Ground Safety Process Improvement Team
Valere Swinnen, Olivier Duyssens, Jos Ruymen, Jo Mannaerts, Marc Eckelmans, Jan Pipeleers, Johan Craeghs, Gerrit Mingneau, Guy Mathot, Eric-Jan Scharlee, Geert Van Noyen and Gert Tackoen
Enhancements to safety team meeting process
Lommel Proving Ground Vehicle Dynamics Safety Team
Geert Van Noyen and Guy Mathot
Team work to develop Vehicle Dynamics Safety Matrix
Niehl Plant (Cologne) Pedestrian Safety Improvement Team
Michael Schmid, Markus Gotzen, Thomas Kornwebel, Yalcin Benli, Gennaro Buonocore, Bernd Schmitz, Stefan Gandelau
Team work to develop solutions to improve pedestrian safety
Saarlouis Plant PMHV Safety Team
Carsten Destruelle, Rainer Jager, Stefan Saig, Pierluigi Mamiani, Eduard Skorupa, Julien Becker, Gernot Witzmann, Waldermar Osietzki, Armin Speicher, Karsten Freyermuth, and  Markus Hoffeld
Safety initiatives to improve safety of pedestrians and PMHV operators
Saarlouis Health Department Team
Berthold Anton, Luzia Arnold, Ingrid Braun, Anja Feiler, Sandra Franke Sr., Johannes Geib, Bjoern Hellbrueck, Barbara Hoehl, Isolde Kaeser, Sandra Mistretta, Margit Muhm, Sebastian Mueller, Thomas Nilles, Franz Rudolf Noh, Stefanie Pokorny, Joerg Roth, Christian Scheidt, Juergen Schumann, Christian Spaniol, Daniel Theobald, Petra Staehly-Mueller, Dr. Bernhard Schulz and Dr. Michaela Mittmann.
Conducted a special health week to promote employee wellness
Tony Shade, Dagenham
Leadership in making safety improvements to the rail crossing at Gate 10
TOPS UK Walking Working Surface Team
Tony Shade, Darren Bearwish, Rajinder Nijjor, and Andrew Gunby (posthumously)
Team work to implement walking working surface safety improvements
UK Load Security Team
Neil Varma, Craig Charles Holmes, Darren Frost, Paul Roeton, Alan Leonard Crew and Robert Stanle Sandford
Special initiative to reduce hazards of improperly secured loads
Alain Videau, Bordeaux Transmission
Proactive leadership and contributions to improving safety in the workplace
South America and Mexico
Ernesto Huerta Suarez, FSA Labor and Health Manager
Strong leadership and vision in support of Health programs
U.S. and Canada
Beech Daly Technical Center
Outstanding team work to achieve 10 years without a lost time injury
Cleveland Engine 1 Emergency Response Team
Nadine Davis, Joe Caracci, Terry Naylor, Paul Strba, Martin Patton, Joyce Scibilia, Robert Cardani, Brian Krafchek and Alan Caudill
Effective team work in responding to medical emergency
Corporate Security Team
Roy Mays, David Small, and Jose Alberto Mendez
Team work to implement and manage supply chain security programs
Dearborn Research and Engineering Center, IAQ Process Team
Joseph Vicari, Dr. Walter Talamonti, Dr. William Heckman, James Segerson, James Monette, Tony Czuchra, Charles Watkins, Charles Hammett, Robert McCoy, Royal Moning, John Krygier, Michael Christie, Douglas Helland, Michael Patterson and William Falzone
Building indoor Air quality issue resolution process
Dearborn Tool and Die, Die Lifting and Transfer Safety Team
Ernest Bailey, David Lerner, Keith Zobay and Robert Lahti
Transformational safety upgrades to die lifting and transfer practices
Fairlane Grounds Maintenance Operations
Mark McCarthy, Frank Rochna, Laurel Blackwell, Bryan Eby, Stephen Battersby and Nick Marth
Grounds maintenance machine and equipment risk assessment process
Flat Rock Assembly Plant Leadership Team and Workforce
DART Improvements driven by focus on safety culture
Ford Land M&O Potable Water Quality and “Dead Leg” Management Team
Chuck England, Kevin Rushlow, Ken Campbell, Damien Digna, Wil Moore, Keith Brown and  Michele Wiacek
Safe drinking water system “dead leg” assessment and risk mitigation process    
Ford Land M&O Mobile Boom Crane Safety Management Team 
Randy Walker, Jack Edison, Wil Moore, Keith Brown, Brian Brown and Jim Bell
Mobile boom crane operator post certification competency assurance process
Lima Engine Joint Leadership Team
Save a Life awareness program for all employees
Oakville Assembly Complex, Body and Chassis Leadership Teams
Body-A: Brett Prior, Brian Haskett, Mike Fisher and Alex Nikolic; Chassis-A: Jake Hanson, Mark Brennan, Rob Aquino and Ed Kairys
Proactive joint leadership in growing a safety culture on the plant floor
North America Product Development Electric Vehicle Safety Steering Committee
Scott Larkins, Tim Watt, Chi Phil, Hank Budesky, Jr., Joan Paquet, Theodore Miller and Joseph Freiman
New and emerging battery electric vehicle technology safety management team
Rawsonville Combustion Safety Team
Outstanding team work to maintain an effective combustion safety process
Roger Simpkins, Nashville Glass - UAW Local 737 (Retired)
Inspirational safety leadership and contributions to joint safety programs

Lifesaving Awards
In Recognition of Lifesaving Interventions

Bordeaux Transmission Plant: Philippe Belard
Lifesaving intervention to assist heart attack victim in the plant parking lot
Ford Otosan: Dr. Gursel Gokmen and  Dr. Fatih Guray
Lifesaving intervention to resuscitate unresponsive heart attack victim
Ford Otosan: Onur Sengun and Dr. Mustafa Oskay
Assisted employee to get lifesaving treatment for heart condition
Oakville Assembly: Brett Prior, Dennis Posavad, Dennis Spehar, Chris Flor, Jim Carson, Joseph Perrino
Lifesaving intervention to assist fellow employee during medical emergency
Ohio Assembly: Juan Torres, Jr.
Lifesaving intervention to assist fellow employee during medical emergency
Nanchang JMC: Bill Marshall, Liang Shungeng, Lin Zhiwu; Cheng Guoping, Zhu Wei, Yin Jie, Qubing Hu
Rescue of boy who fell into well
Valencia Plant (Spain): Jose Garcia Ramirez
Lifesaving response to car crash on bridge

Regional Finalists – Excellence in Safety Culture and Standards Awards:
Asia Pacific
• AutoAlliance Thailand - Easy to Work Ergonomic Process Improvement
• Chennai Vehicle Assembly & Engine Plant - Safety Initiatives for Cultural Transformation
• Ford Lio Ho Taiwan - Fork Free Material Sequence Feeding
• FTM Thailand - Safety Behavior Index Culture
• JMC Nanchang -Safety Management of Plant Relocation

• Dagenham Engine - Improvement to Quality of Risk Assessment
• Ford Otosan Kocaeli Plant - ECPL Leadership Initiative
• Ford Sollers St. Petersburg - We Take Care!
• Valencia VO and PTO (Spain) - Launching with No SII

Mexico & South America
• Cuautitlan Stamping & Assembly - Exterior Walkways Improvement Initiative           
• Camacari Stamping & Assembly - Improved Pre Task Risk Assessment for Construction Contractors
• Camacari FOX Engine Plant - Zero Injury Construction and Installation
• Hermosillo Stamping & Assembly - Work Teams Proactive Health Chart
• Sao Bernardo Truck Plant - Handling Devices Tracking Tag System

U.S. & Canada
• Kentucky Truck Plant - Material Handling Safe Behavioral Process
• Livonia Transmission Plant - NSC Survey Action Planning
• Sharonville Transmission - Ergonomic Work Station Instruction Video
• Windsor Engine Plant - Ergonomic Truck Seal Process

Regional Finalists – Excellence in Health Awards:
Asia Pacific
• Chennai Engine Plan - Ergonomics Improvements in OP 50
• Chennai Assembly (CVAP) - Ergonomic Improvements in Paint Shop

• Cotarko Forge Cologne - Workplace Health Promotion Initiative
• Ford Otosan (All Locations) - Disabled-Friendly Company Initiative

Mexico and South America
• Camacari Plant - Cervical Cancer Prevention Initiative
• Pacheco Stamping and Assembly Plant - Stop Diabetes Initiative
• Valencia Assembly Plant (Venezuela) - Awareness Campaign for Early Detection of Prostate Disease

U.S. and Canada
• Oakville Assembly Complex - Return to Work Process




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