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 MOCSEM Visits AAI to See Production of 2013 Mustang

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​FLAT ROCK, Mich. - The Mustang Owners Club of Southeastern Michigan (MOCSEM) recently visited AAI for a plant tour and got a behind the scenes look at 2013 Mustang production.

“This is one of the perks our club has being in the Detroit area,” Mike Rey, MOCSEM president, said of the tour at AAI. “It is awesome to see the car you love being built on the line.”

The MOCSEM is the largest regional Mustang club in the U.S. and membership has tripled since 2009. Rey attributes the increase in membership to the close connection the club has with Ford. The relationship between the two is so strong that Ford asked the board members of the MOCSEM to provide their feedback and review the 2010 Mustang before production of the vehicle even began.

“It was a real honor to give our feedback on the 2010 model,” Rey said.

MOCSEM member of three months and Ford employee, Phil Lewis, joined the club after he purchased his 2013 Mustang Boss 302. He bought his first Mustang in 1974 while still living in London and has enjoyed meeting other enthusiasts that share his passion. He said that he really enjoys the handling of his new Boss 302 and that it is a real crowd pleaser.

“There hasn’t been a day yet where I haven’t gotten some sort of acknowledgement while driving,” Lewis said of his new Boss 302.

The club participates in a variety of car shows and is heavily involved in Mustang Alley  at the Woodward Dream Cruise. In addition, the club donates to charity and last year they raised about $8,000 for various Michigan charities.



9/3/2012 6:00 AM