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 Louisville Employee Redeployed to Afghanistan in October

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Editor’s Note: Throughout the week and in observance of Veterans Day, @Ford Online will spotlight stories of those who have served their country and their connection to Ford Motor Company.

LOUISVILLE - Nathan Noel, a 45-year-old electrical engineering transmission tech at Louisville Assembly Plant (LAP), is no stranger to the armed forces.

Noel initially served in the Army Reserves from 1985 until 1993. While in the Reserves, Noel was hired at LAP.

By 2006, Noel had begun to worry about the future of the plant. He had always wanted to reenlist, so this seemed like the best time.

In 2009 and 2010, Noel was deployed to Balad, Iraq. After his last mission, he was promoted to the rank of CW2 (Chief Warrant Officer, Two).

“Do I like deployment? No. But do I like what I do? Absolutely,” states Noel.

He describes his recent deployment as tougher, since he had been out for 13 years.

Noel serves as a warrant officer, auto tech in the Reserves. He is scheduled to be redeployed, with this deployment lasting nine months, to Afghanistan. He will be providing convey security during while stationed overseas.

At the time of this next assignment, he will have been home less than full two years since his most recent deployment.

When asked if he feels ready for this next mission, he responds, “You don’t, per se, want to go back, but it’s a job. It’s like going to work every day; you just go do your job.”



11/13/2012 5:55 AM