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 Lincoln and Chuck Hoberman Create Reflective, Inspiring Experience at New York

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​NEW YORK - Art and innovation are at the heart of Lincoln’s 2012 New York Auto Show display, with décor by New York-based artist and engineer Chuck Hoberman.

The entire display exhibits the new Lincoln experience, which emphasizes great products matched with personalized service to create an individual experience.

Art is the perfect catalyst for that endeavor as it uses visuals to stimulate the internal senses. Hoberman’s world-renowned spheres serve that purpose for Lincoln as the centerpiece for its New York International Auto Show display.

Hoberman’s work has been seen everywhere from the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics to U2’s 360° tour.

Lincoln commissioned two of his world-renowned spheres, which combine art and innovation with engineering. They are made with 840 parts, weigh approximately 300 pounds, condense at 3 feet and expand to 11 feet.

“My specialty is what I call transformable design, and it’s the design of objects, structures, it could be products, that change,” says Hoberman.

Hoberman’s spheres will help introduce Lincoln’s reinvention with all-new vehicles.

A choreographed soundscape by duo Double Dose includes approximately 140 elements that play at various levels throughout the stand as accompaniment to the Hoberman spheres. They expand and contract as several colored lights beam, creating a reflective experience for auto show guests.

“The experience of watching an object transform is about flow,” says Hoberman. “It brings us into harmony with the reality that we are changing all the time as well.”

Hoberman’s collaboration with Lincoln creates a theatrical element to the Lincoln stand for visitors.

“The incredibly talented team of designers at Lincoln developed an auto show booth that reflects what we put into the spheres,” says Hoberman. “The music and lighting give you the sense that ‘I’m in a great place.’”

New York Auto Show visitors will walk away with more than just the experience of seeing Lincoln’s new vehicle. The engaging environment is meant to inspire anyone who visits the stand.

“I always hope that other people will be inspired to reach for their creative dreams,” says Hoberman.




4/9/2012 6:00 AM