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 Lincoln Returns to 2013 NAIAS with its Art

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​DETROIT – Lincoln adds new features, underscoring the brand’s commitment to a personalized experience while maintaining surprising and sophisticated visual elements at its North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) display.

Last year, the brand took a distinct path by engaging with its guests through art, design and ambassadors who echo the personal engagement at Lincoln dealerships.

“All of our efforts, including our 2013 NAIAS stand, are aimed at our new luxury customer who demands and deserves a delightful experience with our brand at every touch point,” said Andrew Frick, manager, Group Marketing, Lincoln.

Key elements include commissioned art pieces, a showroom, lounge, demos, product specialists and innovative décor by artist and engineer Chuck Hoberman, whose work includes the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics to U2’s 360° tour.

Hoberman’s world-renowned spheres – which are made with 840 parts, weigh approximately 300 pounds and condense at 3 feet and expand to 11 feet – return to the show stand.

“We brought back some of the key elements from last year’s stand that guests recognized as one of the best. We’ve also added new features that take the reimagined Lincoln a step further,” said Frick. “Auto show guests can come to our stand and enjoy the new Lincoln Motor Company experience and see the MKC Concept for the first time.”

‘Lincoln Loves’ collection and gallery
“Lincoln Loves” – a gallery of experiences that speak to the needs of the new luxury consumer – is a new addition.

The thoughtful gallery and collection includes a range of experiences that revolve around home, travel, fitness, personal accessories, technology and automotive ownership. All of these represent diverse interests that speak to unique individuals who understand and appreciate the promise of the new Lincoln Motor Company.

Retail visionary Rachel Shectman, one of FastCompany’s “100 most creative people in business,” serves as the “Lincoln Loves” curator. Shectman founded Story, a Manhattan boutique recognized by Forbes and WWD.

Her goal is to make shopping fun through merchandise curated to tell a story. She shares that tenacity for innovation with Lincoln which aims to create vehicles with rich narratives that create a connection with its drivers. 

Some of the exclusive merchandise displayed in the “Lincoln Loves” gallery will be available for order.

Lincoln’s artistic expression
The art gallery display includes several eclectic artists from all over the United States that use their various mediums to initiate thought, engagement and delight.

Artists Nathan Craven, Virginia Kistler, Ann Morton, Adam Shirley, Jesse Small and Norwood Viviano embody the same artistry and craftsmanship that Lincoln’s dedicated design team strives for as they create a new generation of luxury vehicles.

The artwork ranges from metalsmithing to sculpting, supporting the idea that Lincoln is a lifestyle choice with multi-dimensional qualities. 

• Nathan Craven’s work is based on ceramics as building material. The Ogden, Utah native constructs walls and floors with original versions of bricks to clarify space in ways that draw attention to typically unnoticed special elements.
• Virginia Kistler’s sculptural installations and altered photographs explore the spaces between the urban and the bio-diverse. The Columbus, Ohio-based artist’s work brings into question humanity’s responsibility to protect the environment.
• Ann Morton is a native of Phoenix. Her fiber-based artwork explores social themes with the use of traditional fiber techniques as conceptual tools for social communication.
• Detroit-based artist Adam Shirley investigates the relationships between two- and three-dimensional objects, material and scale. Working primarily with steel, he creates objects that engage the viewer into exploring the potential of each object and the journey of what they could be.
• Jesse Small, a Los Angeles-based sculptor, has created a “ghost series” that depicts one of the most recognizable characters in the history of videogames, Pac-Man. The nostalgia of his work combined with its brightly colored, graphic-laden surfaces and their original presentation create a sense of fun and lighthearted creativity.
• Norwood Viviano is a Grand Rapids, Mich.-based mixed media artist who employs 3D computer modeling and print technology with glass blowing and casting process to create sculptural works. His work is a visual statement that analyzes the rise and fall of populations in American cities over nearly 400 years.

New Lincoln lineup
The MKC Concept is the star of the 2013 presentation. It represents the brand’s vision for entering the industry’s fastest-growing segment, small luxury utility vehicles.

An LED wall juxtaposes the creation of the stand’s artwork with the craftsmanship of the MKC Concept.

Guests can experience the all-new 2013 MKZ and MKZ Hybrid now available in dealerships. The midsize sedans are the first of four all-new Lincoln vehicles in four years.

The MKS, MKT, MKX and Navigator also will be featured.

Forty-four product specialists will be available in every area of the stand to assist guests with everything from vehicle information and scheduling a dealership test drive to enjoying the luxury amenities in the special “Lincoln Loves” lounge.

The Lincoln Lounge
The second level includes a lounge where current and future Lincoln owners can enjoy premium beverages while relaxing on plush leather couches.

The lounge features the MKZ Hybrid which delivers more miles per gallon than any luxury vehicle in America.

Local brewer Great Lakes Coffee will have professional baristas onsite for auto show guests who want to enjoy a cup of premium organic café Americano.

Experience Lincoln
A choreographed soundscape composed by Double Dose, acclaimed sound and composition duo, will play throughout the stand.

The audio performance includes approximately 180 elements that will play at various levels as accompaniment to the Hoberman spheres. The spheres expand and contract as several colored lights beam throughout the display to give guests a theatrical and engaging experience.

Double dose’s soundtrack was designed by Tony Award-nominated sound designer Sebastian Frost. He has created an audio experience through sound control technology that produces harmonious musical variations.

The THX® II Certified Audio gallery demonstrates what Frost calls “a social orchestra.” Guests experience the all-new 2013 MKZ when they initiate 14 channels by touching buttons that have been strategically placed on the vehicle’s exterior. Guests can hear every musical detail with uncompromised clarity. When they touch the “dynamic” button, for example, a melodic and energetic section of the soundtrack plays throughout the gallery. 

The Vision Gallery offers a multi-sensory experience that combines video, sound, lighting and carefully crafted physical elements that can be enjoyed from anywhere in the gallery. The best way to experience the gallery, however, is inside the MKZ Hybrid that auto show guests can sit inside and enjoy the plasma video screen overhead through the wide-open panoramic roof.

NAIAS opens to the public at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 19, at Cobo Center in Detroit.



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