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 Introducing The Lincoln Motor Company

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New U.S. Marketing Campaign launches
​DEARBORN - This is a very important week in the history of Lincoln in the U.S. Today we launch the all-new 2013 MKZ, the first of four all-new Lincoln models coming to market over the next four years.  This launch is the foundation upon which to grow our brand, The Lincoln Motor Company.  Under the name we took 90 years ago, it’s how we will become great once again.  For more from Jim Farley on the future of Lincoln watch this video interview. Coupled with an all new advertising campaign, we will signal a full-blown reimagining of this iconic luxury brand.   

This week, we are embarking upon an unprecedented marketing launch and we need your help in communicating the news about Lincoln to your friends and family.  As you read through the highlights of the U.S. launch below, you’ll see much of the content can be shared through email or social media channels.   Please help us spread the word with your friends and family!

• Tonight’s debut of our TV campaign with a 60 second ad on CBS, ABC and NBC news programs , followed 30 second ads in programs moving forward.
• Full-page newspaper print ads introducing The Lincoln Motor Company will run in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and in The New York Times where a feature editorial piece will also tell the story behind our launch
• An immersive new website experience on
• Online and Emerging media placements, road-blocking sites like New York and The Huffington Post and engaging tech-savvy users through interactive television
• A CRM campaign specially tailored to progressive luxury consumers, designed to pique their curiosity and invite them to discover Lincoln
• Bi-coastal press conferences in Los Angeles, Miami, and in New York at Lincoln Center where Alan Mulally keynotes with a surprise celebrity guest 
• An expanded presence in social media with brand profiles now on Twitter and Tumblr, joining our Facebook and Instagram followers
• The refreshed Experience Lincoln mobile app for Apple and Android phones, which also unlocks iconic Lincoln advertising of the past embedded within the 2013 MKZ dealership brochure.
This is only the first step in our journey and a proud milestone for the company.  Join me in congratulating The Lincoln Motor Company and remember to help spread the word.
Matt VanDyke



12/3/2012 6:00 AM