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 Henry Ford Technology Awards: Recognizing Ford’s Brightest Innovators

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​DEARBORN - Ford has always been more than just a company that makes great cars and trucks. It’s a technology company, focused on the day-to-day development of cutting-edge innovations that make driving seamless and enjoyable.

To that we owe thanks to our researchers, scientists and engineers that work hard to generate ideas that keep the company ahead of the game.

These innovation leaders were recently acknowledged for their achievements at the 2012 Henry Ford Technology Awards. 

“When we put together the One Ford plan, of course we had functional and technical excellence as the No. 1 attribute,” said Alan Mulally, president and CEO. “Everything we do is based on technology innovation whether its quality, safety, fuel efficiency or smart design.  These are the best of the best that we’re recognizing tonight.”

Recognized globally, the North American ceremony was held in Dearborn, while the European awards were presented in Cologne and this year’s first APA awards will be held in Australia in December.

According to Executive Chairman Bill Ford, innovation and employee recognition is what makes Ford a great company. 

“Going back to my great-grandfather, this company was founded on innovation.  There were years when we lost our way, but I love what I see coming from our employees now.  We’ve always had great employees but we haven’t always given them freedom to innovate like we do today,” said Ford.

Since the start, these unique innovations have been the foundation of the company.

“We have come so far as a Company with our new technologies that Henry Ford, Edsel Ford I and Henry Ford II would be astonished and proud," said Edsel Ford II, member of the Board of Directors.

Developments like Launch Control for Stop/Start with Auto Transmissions and design, development and implementation of the Lane Keeping System and development and implementation of the Free Quenching of Hypoid Ring Gears are just a few examples of the awards presented at this years’ HFTA event.

“I think that it’s all about creating experiences in how we seamlessly make the car flow with everything else in our lives.  So when we move from our car to our home or work, it’s not leaving one environment for the other, it’s a transition without having to give anything up,” said Jim Buczkowski, Henry Ford Technical Fellow and director, Electrical and Electronics Systems, Research and Innovation.

The Henry Ford Technology Award program was established to celebrate the exceptional technical contributions of Ford employees globally. Each year, recipients of this prestigious award are recognized for their ground-breaking developments that help pave the way in the automotive industry.

Awarding employees for their work is just one example of how Ford is going further, according to Paul Mascarenas, Ford chief technical officer and vice president of Research and Innovation.

“It’s not only the awards themselves and the work that’s been done but if you look at the team makeup, and the cross-functional nature of some of the teams; product development and manufacturing engineers working together and going further whether its delivering product innovations or manufacturing technologies to improve our vehicles, I think this is a perfect example of going further,” said Mascarenas. 

Awards were presented in the areas of manufacturing, product development and research.  Below is a brief summary of each award and its team members.

-For the development and implementation of Launch Control For Stop/Start With Auto Transmissions
 Hong Jiang (R&AE), Alex Gibson, (R&AE, Felix Nedorezov (R&AE), Seung-Hoon Lee (R&AE), Brad VanDerWege (R&AE) 
     Nominator – Davor Hrovat

-For the design, development and implementation of the Global Vehicle Control System for Start-Stop Vehicles
 Ming Kuang (R&AE), *Urs Christen (R&AE-Germany), *Thomas Rambow (R&AE-Germany), Xiaoyong Wang (R&AE), Hai Yu (R&AE) 
     Nominators – Scott Staley and* Andreas Schamel

-For the development and integration of the Cylinder Head Integrated Exhaust Manifold IEM
*Kai Kuhlbach (R&AE-Germany), *Jan Mehring (R&AE-Germany), Shuya Yamada (PTO), *Guenter Bartsch (R&AE-Germany), John
Riegger (PTO)
     Nominator – Bob Fascetti

-For the development and implementation of the Free Quenching of Hypoid Ring Gears
Paul Bojanowski (Mfg-Auto Transmission), Robert Adamski (Mfg-Plant General), Thomas Neumann (PD-Torque Converter Design), Ana Soporean (PD-Torque Converter Design), Greg Gasiewski (PD-Torque Converter Design)
     Nominators - William Russo, Kenneth Williams, Brian Wolfe
-For the development and implementation of the Dirt in Paint Vision System
*Jose Asensio (VO-Spain), *Miguel Prior (VO-Spain), *Alvaro Herraiz (VO-Spain),* Michael Thomas (VO-Germany),* Jose Tornero (Supplier-Spain)
     Nominators – *Tony Ades, *Willi Wegener
-For the development and implementation of Detection of A/C Leaks Using Nitrogen Pressure Decay
 Bhaskara Tadikamalla (VOME), Brandon Soave (VOME), William Johnston (PD), Richard Shaw (VOME), Chris Dragos (VO-DTP)
     Nominators - Jeff Spencer, Mike Whitens, *Jeff Wood
-For the development and implementation of High Accuracy Headlamp Aiming Utilizing Digital Cameras With Auto Exposure
 John Wilds (VOME), Albert Ekladyous (PD), Arun Kumar (PD), Venkatesan Balaraman (VOME), Diane LaHaie (PD)
     Nominators – Jeff Spencer, Robert Trecapelli, J Mays
-For the design, development and implementation of the Lane Keeping System
*Torsten Dittel (PD-Germany), *Sascha Haase (PD-Germany), *Oliver Hecht (PD-Germany), Brian Wolski (PD), Andrew Brown (PD)
     Nominators – *Caspar Hohage,* Ali Jammoul, Graydon Reitz
-For the design and application of Structural Micro Cellular Foam Technology Exterior Components
Harry Lobo (PD), Paul Dellock (PD), Mike Musleh (PD), Joel Pierce (PD), Mike Masserant (PD)
     Nominators – Robert Trecapelli, Mike Whitens
-For the design and development and implementation of the 2011 MY Ranger Vehicle Crash Safety
**Ralf Wanke (PD-Australia), **Wayne Lam (PD-Australia), **Nicolas Paquient (PD-Australia), Kris Warmann (PD), **Sekhar Reddy (PD-Australia)
      Nominator – **Jim Holland
-For the development and application of a Liquid Phase Injection LPG System (EcoLPi)
**Pritika Maharaj (PD-Australia), **Simon Flint (PD-Australia), **Jamie Slaymaker (PD-Australia), **Steve Ryan, (PD-Australia), **Brendan Butcher (PD-Australian)
     Nominator – Jim Baumbick
*EU award winners
**APA award winners




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