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 Hello, Again Continues to Generate Interest in Lincoln

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​DEARBORN - Driven by the unique design of the Lincoln MKZ, The Lincoln Motor Company’s Hello, Again tour is transforming the consumer opinion of the brand one city at a time. By inviting customers to an exclusive 30-to 60-minute drive of vehicles including the Lincoln MKZ, Lincoln MKS and Lincoln MKX.

The tour, which began in Miami, Fla. earlier this summer, is helping reinvent the brand by bringing Lincoln vehicles from local area dealership to the stomping grounds of potential buyers and incorporating them into their lifestyle. Hello, Again is connecting Lincoln to consumers by working with local artists and businesses in each city along the tour.

The tour just wrapped up in Los Angeles, following a stop in San Francisco which featured local artist Stephen C. Warner, creator of SFHQ, and a made-to-measure clothing shop, Artful Gentlemen. The costal markets offer Lincoln a great opportunity to increase brand awareness.

The team is tracking its success by measuring the program’s performance across several metrics, including: measuring lift in brand opinion, purchase consideration and likelihood to recommend Lincoln to a friend.  These metrics are assessed prior to the client’s engagement in the 15-45 minute test-drive experience, as well as following their drive. 

“We’re finding that the Hello, Again tour has been a transformative experience for the progressive luxury target we’ve been engaging with out in each market,” said Alexandre Acey, manager, Brand Content and Alliances, Lincoln.  “Initially, the clients that we’ve had come through the event stops have had an opinion of the brand that is either neutral or negative. 

“After the event we see a 20 percentage point lift in attendees’ favorable opinion of the brand.”

A customer in San Francisco was surprised by the design and drive of the MKZ. “Before seeing the MKZ, my perception of Lincoln was that it’s an older person’s car with not much style. This car is definitely not your grandfather’s car.” 

Drivers from around the country also considered purchasing the MKZ over its competitors. “I would buy the MKZ over the Mercedes I was researching. Now I really have to think about it before I go to the dealership,” said one driver in Denver.  Another driver in Chicago said, “I was considering BMW for my next purchase, I never thought that Lincoln was back in the game. But, after driving the MKZ, I’ll consider it in my decision.”

The tour has a goal of conducting 18,000 drives nationally and is on track to hit its objective.  Spending about two to three weeks in each city, it signs up the most interested, in-market luxury conquest drivers for the exclusive Date Night with dealers.

Other drivers seeking more information about the Lincoln fleet are placed into the Lincoln hand raiser re-contact curriculum and are also fed into the ConsumerTrac program for dealers to follow up with post-event.

“We’re headed to Houston and Dallas, before wrapping up the tour in Atlanta,” said Acey.

Hello, Again is not only making an impact on the Lincoln brand, but educating the company about its potential buyers.

“By going beyond direct mail and bringing the program to where the progressive luxury consumer lives, works and plays, we’ve been successful in getting the attention of people that would generally have a great affinity for competitive brands,” said Acey.

To learn more about the tour including dates, sign-ups for drives and events in upcoming locations, click here.  




10/28/2013 6:00 AM