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Felicia Fields on Go Further

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 Group V.P. of Human Resources Discusses Global Brand Promise as ‘Inspiring Compass’

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DEARBORN - This week, Felicia Fields, group vice president, Human Resources and Corporate Services, shared her thoughts on the company’s new Go Further global brand promise with @Ford Online. Below is an excerpt from that discussion.

Q. How do you describe the Go Further brand promise to your team?
A. Go Further really describes what it means to be Ford.  It describes our passion for our customers, our passion for working together and for our communities.  It’s really a natural expression of what we do best.

Q. What does the Go Further brand promise mean to you personally?
A. I’m a third generation Ford employee. I look at the opportunities that I’ve been given to go further. It’s more than what my father had as opportunities and more than his father.  Our ability to serve and create ingenious solutions for the world – for every generation – is going further. And I feel great to be a part of that.

Q. How does the Go Further brand promise reflect the way you and your team have been working every day?
A. We’re very passionate about developing employees, lifting the capability of employees and teams as well as our leadership. This is what we’re here to do every day.  Because to the extent that you can go do more and you can go further. That supports customers in our communities.  That’s what we’re passionate about doing.

Q. Can you give some specific examples of the ways that your team already goes further?
A. We have enormous growth going on in the company and particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.  Our team decided that we needed access to better and different talent.  So they used the platform of the Shang Hai Motor Show last year to recruit.  They put on T-shirts that said, “Ask me about a career at Ford,” and there, with all the beautiful products displayed, we attracted great talent to Ford Motor Company.  That’s one way we use our ingenuity and our talents to bring creativity to Ford.

Another example on a very different note . . . We had a very tragic accident that involved some school children in Switzerland.  Twenty-eight people died.  And our HR team in Genk organized a mass gathering for friends and family so that they could mourn the loss of those people.  It shows what we mean to our communities and how we use our skills and abilities to help support our communities. 

Q. How do you believe the Go Further brand promise distinguishes Ford from its competition?
A. No other car company has the family history or legacy that Ford has.  No other car company serves its communities the way that we do.  No other car company has weathered the ups and downs of the automotive industry and been so true to our promise.  We were always true to our employees and always true to our communities, no matter what the history of Ford.  Going further is who we are and what we do and it’s what makes us special.

Q. In what ways do you feel the Go Further promise contributes to the transformation at Ford?
A. It’s inspirational. Every morning when I drive in, I see that big beautiful Ford Oval glowing on top of World Headquarters.  It’s a reminder of this connection we have to something greater. Our commitment to Go Further is important to the world.  And so just holding on to that feeling as well as that inspiration guides all of our work. It doesn’t change our focus on the plan.  It doesn’t change what and how we deliver.  It’s just an inspiring reminder of who we are and what we stand for.

Q. Do you see any changes ahead in the way that your team will work now that we have an established brand promise? 
A. I don’t. It’s not uncovering something new.  It’s uncovering what we are when we’re at our best.  I think it is an inspiring compass to guide our work.



5/17/2012 6:30 AM