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 Go Further: Cultural Awareness Seminar Provides Opportunity for Learning

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DEARBORN – While geographically close to the United States, countries in the Caribbean and Central America employ business practices that can differ from those in the United States. As a result, Ford Export and Growth (E&G) employees attending a recent Cultural Awareness Lunch and Learn found it to be time well spent.

Although the seminar included an overview of the region, its primary focus was on practices in Puerto Rico and Panama.

One of the biggest differences between the region and the United States, according to Francisca Fernandez of TechWorld, who presented the session, is the concept of time. “They place a strong emphasis on relationships. If they’re on their way to a meeting and see someone they know, it’s important to stop and talk with that person and risk not getting to the meeting on time. They’ll also want to converse with the person they’re meeting with on topics other than business, because they view that relationship as more important than the business being conducted.”

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1/9/2013 6:00 AM