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Message from Alan Mulally

Click here to watch a brief welcome back message from Alan Mulally as we take One Ford...and Go Further.

To view the video with translated subtitles, click here.

 Global Brand Promise: Talking Points and FAQ

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Talking Points
•  Our new global brand promise is "Go Further."
•  Go Further is our commitment to customers around the world—it is a philosophy that our employees, dealers, supplier partners and other stakeholders live every day. It is much more than an advertising tagline.
•  The brand promise represents our core beliefs and aspirations and is the day-to-day reality of the customer and employee experience.  Go Further expresses how we deliver a strong business, great products and a better world. 
•  Our One Ford plan remains the same, it is unchanged.  One Ford drove a significant transformation of our culture and our Ford brand globally.  On Ford is driving our growth.
•  Simply put: the One Ford is what enables us to Go Further for our customers, dealers, suppliers and each other.
•  In many ways, Go Further is a modern interpretation of the 1925 advertisement, "Opening the highways…"   That was Ford’s brand promise at that time.
•  Go Further is a philosophy we as employees, along with our dealers, supplier partners and other stakeholders already live every day; we should all continue to think what more can we do to deliver for our company and our customers.

Q.  What makes this the right time to introduce “Go Further”?
A.  We couldn’t have introduced Go Further three years ago because we couldn’t tie a global brand promise to a product lineup that was primarily regional.    Our new global products such as Focus, Fiesta, Escape/Kuga and Fusion/Mondeo, have created a clear, consistent identity for Ford in the global marketplace and now allow us to speak to consumers with a single voice.

Q.  What is the core message you want customers to take away when they see, hear or read Go Further?
A.  That as part of its everyday business, Ford and its employees, dealers and suppliers are always pushing harder, going further—that good is not good enough. Individually and collectively, we at Ford Go Further in everything we do, so that our customers can go further in their lives.

Q.  How does this translate into profitable growth for all?
A.  Companies with strong brands and strong customer satisfaction have customer have higher profitability. Ford’s current position is robust and this will allow us to maintain and strengthen it. Go Further will allow us to show how we differentiate ourselves in the global marketplace versus our competition.  

Q.  Why were the words Go Further chosen?
A.  We did research with employees, dealers and other stakeholders and found Ford’s DNA includes being ingenious, making our products and services attainable for people, and that we believe in people serving people.  The phrase ‘we go further so you can’ summarizes that DNA.

Q.  Given the current economic climate, is this a good use of company resources?
A.  Yes. This is a business decision based around our new product momentum and how we want our customers, employees, suppliers and dealers to appreciate what Ford stands for. We will progressively roll this out around the world in the most efficient manner.

Q.  What is a brand promise?
A.  A brand promise simplifies a company’s culture and what makes it different in the consumer world with the products and services it offers.

To put it into perspective, One Ford is our plan, while Go Further is the promise behind our efforts.

Q.  Why didn't you just use "One Ford" as the new brand promise?
A.  “One Ford” is not a brand promise. It is our company’s business plan. It describes what we have to be and what we have to achieve to succeed as a business, and has no real meaning for our customers. Go Further is what the One Ford plan delivers; that is how they are linked.

Q.  How does Go Further relate to the global One Ford plan? Are you changing our plan?
A.  We are not changing our plan. Our work to deliver the One Ford plan allows us to “Go Further.”

Q.  What will this mean for me and my team day-to-day?
A.  It means everyone should continue the great work being done all over the world to deliver our One Ford plan.




1/2/2012 7:35 PM