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 Fusion, Fiesta and F-Series Rev Up November U.S. Sales

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​DEARBORN - The Ford Fusion, Fiesta and F-Series trucks helped drive the company’s November U.S. retail sales up 9 percent over last year, making it our best November retail sales performance since 2004.

“November was a very strong month,” said Ford U.S. Sales Analyst Erich Merkle.  “I think it tells us that the consumer is alive and well on the automotive front.”

Merkle described the sales growth in November as broad-based.

“Retail sales for cars were up 6 percent.  Utilities were up 3 percent and retail sales for trucks were up 17 percent for the month,” he said.  “So we’re seeing growth in all areas of our business.”

That diversity is important because it signifies that Ford has what it takes to meet changing consumer demands throughout the year, said Merkle.  

“Truck sales tend to really take off in November and December.  Conversely, cars typically do very well in the spring months,” he said.  “Because of the balance of our portfolio, we are able to meet those changing demands as we move through the various seasons of the year. This is much different than Ford of just five years ago.”

Merkle said it’s also important to recognize how well Ford is doing from a business perspective. 

“Our average transaction prices (ATPs) are up $700 through November of this year compared to the same period in 2012 as consumers see a higher value in our product and go to a higher series mix.  We’ve also gained 6/10 of a point of market share – a bigger share gain than any other automaker this year,” he said.  “Other automakers have increased their ATPs this year but they haven’t really grown their share.  Our ability to do both makes for a powerful business case for the company.”

Stand-out vehicles in November include the Fusion, Fiesta and F-Series trucks. 

“Fusion sales were up 51 percent in November, and we saw incredible growth on the coasts,” said Merkle.  “We doubled our retail sales in the state of California last month, so we’re clearly seeing Fusion resonate in the largest passenger car market in the country.”

Fiesta sales were also robust in November, up 26 percent over last year.  And F-Series truck sales were up 16 percent.

“If you look at total vehicle registrations, which includes retail and commercial customers, through September of this year (the most recent Polk data), we are outselling our nearest competitor in every region of the country,” said Merkle. 

Total registrations for F-Series are 20 percent higher than the closest competitor in the Great Lakes region of the country, 56 percent higher in the Central Region, 64 percent higher in the East, 74 percent higher in the Southeast and a whopping 100 percent higher in the West.

“The geographical reach of F-Series goes far beyond the traditional customer base, which would include Ford employees, friends and family,” said Merkle.  “What makes the F-Series story even more powerful is that our ATPs from January through November are up $500 over last year. With the year almost over, F-Series is now America’s best-selling pickup for its 37th straight year. This is true market dominance. F-Series has come to represent the full-size pickup in much the same way as John Deere has become synonymous with the tractor.”



12/4/2013 9:45 AM