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 Fusion, Explorer and Transit Connect Post New Records in May

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​DEARBORN - Ford U.S. vehicle sales for the month of May reflect the success of the company’s broad product base with overall sales increasing 13 percent compared with May of 2011. 

“This month really showcases all the work that we’ve been doing over the last three to four years in terms of diversifying our product portfolio,” said Ford U.S. Sales Analyst Erich Merkle.  “We’ve have gains in every segment – cars, utilities and trucks – and more importantly, we also have records to report from each of these segments.”

Car sales were up 6 percent with Ford Fusion continuing to be a strong performer, posting its best May sales ever and its strongest-ever retail sales month.

“Last year we produced record after record with Fusion in terms of our monthly sales and quite frankly I thought we’d have a hard time exceeding those sales figures when we came into this year especially as the Fusion comes to the end of its product cycle and the new one replaces it,” said Merkle. 

“Despite the fact that the bar was set very high, we continue to exceed last year’s records,” he said.  “It’s very good news for today’s Fusion but even better news for the 2013 model coming this fall, which has so much more to offer on fuel economy, performance, technology, and styling.”

Utility sales increased 12 percent with the Ford Explorer delivering its best sales month since the current model hit the market in December of 2010.

“The Explorer looks great, and it has a great presence on the road,” said Merkle.  “It provides people with a tremendous amount of utility but also gives them great fuel economy that is often comparable to what one might find in a car.” 

While F-Series sales were up 29 percent in May, Transit Connect had its best sales month ever, posting a 53 percent. 

“Transit Connect is a great alternative for businesses because it is a fuel-efficient choice and businesses are always looking for balance in terms of meeting their needs but also keeping costs to a minimum, it's a great alternative when a full-size is more than one needs.” explained Merkle. 

In addition to reporting sales, Ford also announced its third-quarter North American production plan to build 690,000 vehicles, up 5 percent from the third quarter of 2011. 

“The production plan is significant because it is in line with our plan to expand our straight line capacity by 400,000 vehicles by the end of the year,” said Merkle.  “That’s great for Ford as we continue to keep up with consumer demand for some of our hottest products.  It’s also good because we’re also adding jobs along the way to support the expansion.” 



6/4/2012 6:20 AM