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 Four Ford Super Fans Revel in Auto Show Experience

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​DETROIT - Among the throng of bloggers in attendance during the press days at the North American International Auto Show were four Super Fans.

Before the show, the Social Media team selected four members of the Ford Social community to get the full auto show experience. The four selected members really stood out this year on Ford Social, whether it was their continued comments on articles or submitting their own articles and ideas – Everette Douglas, Tom Fong, Brad Barefoot and Alan Campbell really stood out.

Even though Douglas has only been active on Ford’s social media websites for a few short years, Ford has been a part of his family since the early ’50s.

“Ford the Ford Fairlane to even Lincoln Continental, there has always been a Ford vehicle in my family,” said Douglas. “I got involved on the Ford Social page because I wanted to share my story. I have a ’94 Ford Explorer with more than 688,000 miles – it’s my baby.”

While Douglas got involved because of the passion he has for his Explorer, Fong was able to share his personal experiences.

While attending a Barrett-Jackson auto action last year Fong had the opportunity to talk with Scott Monty, manager, Digital and Multimedia Communications.

“Scott asked me if I would be interested in contributing some content for the site and I accepted and have been hooked on it ever since,” said Fong. “I’ve shared my personal experiences from pretty much every car event I go too. I’m more than glad to share my experiences with other Ford enthusiasts.”

Before even touching down in Detroit, Barefoot and Campbell both received their invitations quite differently.

The North Carolina Auto Expo shares similar timing to NAIAS, says Barefoot. Since his dealer lets him know when tickets are available for the show, Barefoot assumed that’s what was in the email.

“I was floored,” he said. “After reading through all my other emails I clicked into and that’s when my wife said my mouth dropped to my chest. I said, ‘You ain’t going to believe this honey.’”

Campbell, who read his email right away, forgot to respond at first.

“When I received my email I was surprised. I opened the email, read it once, and thought what did I just read. So I read it again,” he said. “Instead of responding I called my brother and friends. I emailed people saying, ‘Guess where I’m going.’ But then I realized I never responded to the email. I responded to the email and called to make sure they got the message that yes I do want to go.”

And when the Super Fans made it to the show how did they respond?

“It was a very exciting experience,” said Campbell. “This has been great, more than I ever expected. This is a big, big deal.”

Fong was truly at a loss for words to describe his experience at the show.

“I was completely overwhelmed with emotions knowing that I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Ford World Headquarters and the birthplace of Henry Ford and our beloved company,” he said. “I don’t even know the words to put it in – but it’s an outstanding experience.”

And how did the react to the all-new Ford Fusion? Well, Douglas was in for a shock. He came to the auto show hoping to see some news on the Fusion.

“I was shocked that they unveiled the car while I was here. It was like wow. I was good for me, a lot of fun,” he said.

Barefoot’s response to the new Fusion had him likening the car to a box of Cracker Jack.

“Ooh, here’s another prize. Ooh, here’s another prize,” he said. “You just keep finding out great, new things about this amazing vehicle.”




1/20/2012 5:55 AM