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 Ford’s C-MAX is a Game-Changing Champion

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​DEARBORN - It’s time for the big game. It’s time for automotive rivals Ford and Toyota to go head-to-head in an online competition to show who truly comes out on top.

Created as a fun way to launch the all-new Ford C-MAX , “Hybrid Games” is a digital campaign that faces C-MAX against Toyota Prius in real-world comparison that show how C-MAX is not only outperforming other hybrids but is offering uncompromised power, comfort and convenience.

“With our Product and Manufacturing team dedicated to this exceptional vehicle, we knew there was an opportunity to make unique head-on comparisons, plus  energize a competitive and fun rivalry,” said Andrea Zuehlk, manager, Car Digital Marketing. “Given C-MAX’s exceptional market performance, our vision was to dynamically illustrate the impact of C-MAX with a creative, entertaining and authentic video depiction of real-driver benefits.”

Just as the C-MAX and Prius match-up, so do “Hybrid Game-casters” Bob and Roger in this witty challenge that provides a direct comparison of both vehicles on  the most highly valued consumer attributes. The first of three videos, “The Semi Pass” creates tension while clearly demonstrating the benefits of C-MAX Hybrid’s power, which offers 40 percent more horsepower and 20 percent more torque than Prius v.  The video gives each vehicle alternating opportunities to pass the semi-truck, and, while both cars performed the task, the C-MAX did so with more ease and power.

Video two, the “MPG Showdown,” faces the C-MAX Hybrid against Prius v in an epic battle of fuel efficiency. C-MAX, with 47-combined miles per gallon and total range of 571 miles, portrays real benefits for drivers as Prius v surrenders, with a total range 450 miles, requiring the first fuel refill after a full day of driving.

“The Onramp,” is the last competitive race and compares the C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid to the Prius plug-in hybrid to demonstrate the difference in ease and effectiveness for reaching highway speeds. With C-MAX besting Prius by more than 50 net horsepower , , the segment ends with Ford reaching the freeway by at least two car lengths.  C-MAX Energi can drive up to 21 miles on its battery alone, and reach speeds of up to 80 miles per hour on just electricity.

“A goal of the videos is to win over existing and potential Prius owners,” said Zuehlk. “Prius is currently synonymous with the hybrid category and what we want consumers to know is that C-MAX is superior in fuel economy, range and other important, tangible benefits.”

More than meeting its match, the C-MAX Hybrid is receiving consumer praise and confidence. Sales increased by more than 200 percent in October  and outsold the Toyota Prius v . November showed more success with C-MAX Hybrid outselling Prius v by 80 percent.  

Beyond out-performing Toyota, the videos show that a hybrid vehicle doesn’t mean a consumer has to compromise performance.  With either C-MAX Hybrid or C-MAX Energi, the look, feel and driving experience is equivalent.

“One of our goals is to bringing consumers into the hybrid segment, and show it’s a real car with versatility,” said Zuehlk. “The campaign shows that Ford is going further to out-compete the leading competitor in the segment and deliver amenities and features consumers would expect on any other vehicle.”



12/19/2012 8:50 AM