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 #Fordie, the New #Selfie

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DEARBORN - What's a #Fordie?
Last year, numerous dictionaries chose “selfie” as the official Word of 2013, referring to pictures of oneself, usually taken on one’s own, and uploaded to social media.
We are tapping into this social media phenomenon with the introduction of the #Fordie, a picture that owners will take with their Fords. If the picture’s got an owner, and it’s got a Ford, it’s a #Fordie.

We want to introduce the world to the concept of #Fordie with regular challenges Instagram and Twitter, asking owners to tag inventive shots of themselves and their for Fords with the #Fordie hashtag, and featuring the best ones the following week. But please don’t take your #Fordie while driving; we want you to stay safe.

To begin each week’s challenges, we would feature a specific ask to give fans some direction:
· “We’re looking for the best Mustang #Fordie. Get on it!”
· “CMAX-owners, show your love for electric! Snap a #Fordie- just you and your C-MAX for a chance to win!”
· “To celebrate the Polar Vortex, we’re looking for the best pic of a Ford buried in snow! Put on your snowsuit and go take that #Fordie!”
So How Do You Start?
Pretty simple. Just snap a pic of your Ford, or you and your Ford, and tag #Fordie in your Instagram or Twitter post. We can’t wait to see your #Fordie’s!



2/26/2014 10:55 AM