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 Ford Honored for 100th Anniversary of Manufacturing in Louisville

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​LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Employees of Ford Motor Company joined local and state elected officials today at an event celebrating the company’s one hundredth year of manufacturing in the city of Louisville.
Kentucky Lt. Governor Jerry Abramson presided over the celebration, presenting Ford with a resolution from Governor Steve Beshear, along with resolutions from Louisville City Council and the Kentucky legislature. Kentucky Plant Manager Joe Bobnar and Louisville Assembly Plant Manager John Savona represented Ford.
The resolutions recognized “the 100th anniversary year of the Ford Motor Company building cars and trucks in the City of Louisville and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, which has been a significant part of the economic, social, and cultural heritage of Kentucky” and congratulated the company for its long history.
“Over the years, the Commonwealth has been proud to partner with Ford Motor Company, helping it grow into one of the most successful corporate citizens in Louisville,” said Lt. Gov. Abramson. “We are thrilled to celebrate this important milestone in the company’s history and we wish Ford and all its employees another 100 years of success.”
Mayor Greg Fischer also was in attendance to honor the company, “Ford’s history and Louisville’s history are deeply connected. The recent investments by Ford in the two local plants, with the assistance of local tax dollars, ensure that there will be an even brighter 100 years ahead.”
House Speaker Pro Tem, Larry Clark added, "Ford Motor Company has been a wonderful corporate citizen over the last 100 years. I am extremely pleased to see Ford Motor Company and the United Auto Workers celebrating the 100th year of Ford’s presence in Louisville, Kentucky. I want to congratulate Ford Motor Company on reaching this important milestone and say that Louisville and the Commonwealth look forward to many more great years to come."
Ford Motor Company has a long and storied past in Kentucky. The company began Louisville automobile assembly operations in 1913 at 931 South Third Street with only seventeen employees, building as many as twelve Model T’s a day. Now, a hundred years later, the company is Kentucky’s largest auto manufacturing company, with two facilities, Louisville Assembly Plant and Kentucky Truck Plant, employing more than 8,500 workers.
“On behalf of Ford, our local dealerships and the employees of the Louisville Assembly Plant, I'd like to thank Louisville City Council, the Kentucky House and Senate legislature, Congressman Yarmuth, Lt. Governor Abramson and Governor Beshear for presenting us with this huge honor,” said Louisville Assembly Plant Manager John Savona. “I would like to also thank my UAW Partners. Without their help we would not be celebrating 100 years of Manufacturing in Louisville.”
Louisville City Council members also honored Ford on their one hundredth year anniversary.
“In 1913, Ford placed its confidence in Louisville and together, we have created a vision for our community that is strong enough to last 100 years,” says Councilman David James (D-6). “This resolution recognizes Ford’s investment in our city and it also applauds the many people who have helped Ford succeed.”
“My personal story is that Ford/UAW862 provided my basic needs growing up since my dad, Jim Aubrey, was employed by both Ford and UAW for 46 of those 100 years,”  said Councilwoman Vicki Aubrey Welch (D-13). “I am very proud to be a primary sponsor in recognizing this historic occasion.”
“Ford doesn’t just provide jobs to workers within its two Louisville manufacturing plants, Ford helps create countless other supplier jobs that help keep our city moving,” said Councilman Glen Stuckel (R-17). “Much of the development and growth in District 17 can be attributed to the existence and Ford, and hopefully that relationship will continue for generations to come.”



2/22/2013 2:25 PM