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 Ford’s Full Portfolio Performs Well in September

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​DEARBORN - Gas prices again played a significant role in U.S. sales for the month of September. Ford boasted gains across the portfolio with cars up 2 percent, utilities up 9 percent and F-Series trucks up 1 percent.

“It’s a really exciting time at Ford right now,” said Ken Czubay, vice president, U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service. “We have a strong portfolio of products and customers are responding well to our investment in fuel-efficient powertrains in cars, utilities and trucks. Ford’s lineup keeps getting better.”

Focus sales, up 91 percent from a year ago, lead Ford small car sales (Fiesta, Focus and C-MAX) to their best performance in a decade with 24,628 vehicles sold. Retail sales of small cars were up 68 percent in California last month.

“We’ve been talking about the tremendous growth we’ve been having in California, the top sales state for small cars,” said Erich Merkle, Ford sales analyst. “Focus really performed very well in September. We’re very pleased with it and we’re very pleased with how well the vehicle is performing on the coast.”

All-new C-MAX Hybid sales accounted for nearly 1,000 of the small car sales in the month of September.

“We are bringing new customers to Ford with C-MAX Hybrid,” said Czubay.

Fusion had record sales in March through August of this year, which certainly placed us ahead of our sell down plan of the 2012 model, with the 2013 model is just beginning to hit dealer lots. 

“Media has been overwhelming positive for the 2013 Fusion, dealers are excited and we’re looking forward to strong sales numbers as inventory builds,” said Merkle. “The all-new Fusion will be very beneficial for our macro sales number as Fusion has been our No. 1 selling car in our lineup. And represents approximately 12 to 13 percent of our sales.”

Switching to another homerun hitter for Ford, Escape had its best-ever September sales with 23,148 vehicles sold. Nearly 60 percent of Escape sales are for the higher series SEL and Titanium. Add to that the take rate for EcoBoost-equipped Escapes at more than 90 percent.  

“We are seeing that about 50 percent of our Escape sales are coming in from people trading in non-Ford vehicles,” said Czubay. “That is an incredible conquest rate.”

Explorer continued to perform well with sales up 19 percent from last September.

With truck month underway, F-Series sold a total of 55,077 pickups, a 1 percent increase compared to last year, providing its 14th straight month of sales increases and its best September sales since 2007.

“If you look at the number it was the best month since 2007 for us,” said Czubay. “That’s prerecession. We’re confident that not only are we on plan but as the EcoBoost offerings continue to take a high percentage of the retail business – because of the shift toward fuel economy and performance – that we’re going to have a good fourth quarter.”

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Ford Canada: Top-selling automaker
Ford of Canada remains Canada’s top-selling automaker in September and year-to-date. Positive sales results were seen across the lineup with strong demand for Ford Focus, Escape, Mustang and Taurus which saw increases of 7 percent, 21 percent, 22 percent, and 75 percent, respectively.
“Ford and Lincoln products are in high demand in Canada,” said Dianne Craig, president and CEO, Ford of Canada. “Consumers are able to choose from a wide range of fuel-efficient engines that meet their needs, have the flexibility they want and experience class exclusive technologies like the Hands Free Liftgate in the 2013 Escape.”






10/3/2012 6:00 AM