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Dianne Craig on Go Further

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 Ford of Canada CEO Reflects on the Company’s Global Brand Promise, Transformation

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OAKVILLE - Recently, @Ford Online spoke with Ford of Canada President and CEO Dianne Craig shared her thoughts on the company’s new global brand promise and how that promise impacts the team in Canada as well as the company’s overall transformation.  Below is an excerpt from that interview.
Q. How do you describe Go Further to your teams?
A.  Go Further is about coming to work every day with a personal commitment to be the best you can be in your job and make the most out of the contributions you are making every day when you come into work for yourself, for your team, for our dealers and ultimately for the customer.  It’s about respecting peoples points of view.  It’s about risk taking and most importantly it’s about embracing owning working together to move the business forward and it’s about continuously i9nnovating so we can be the best here in Ford of Canada.
Q. So what does the new brand promise Go Further mean to you and in what ways does it reflect how you and your teams have already been working?
A.  As the market leader today, Go Further couldn’t have come to us at a more relevant time.  About 18 months ago the Ford of Canada established a vision to become the most trusted and admired automotive brand in Canada.  And the team has embraced this vision – it’s an aspirational vision and the team is working very, very hard to support it.  One of the ways that we’re doing that is to enhance in our own culture, which starts with a few work streams that are underway right now that I’m confident the end result will enable us to go further for not only our dealers, each other, but also our customers.
Q. Our teams already go further and by creating this brand promise we’re giving a voice to that.  Can you share with us a few examples of how your team has gone further in delivering the One Ford plan?
A.   Well today we have the best product showroom we have ever had.  We are selling world-class products – terrific fuel economy, great looking design, technology, safety – it’s all there. You know cars, trucks, utilities, full line up of products and we’re so excited about our showrooms today.  But it’s not just about great products.  It’s also just as important to have a terrific consumer experience.  Here at Ford of Canada we’re working really hard with a focus on the customer, working with our dealers, to truly deliver a world-class experience for our consumers.  It’s a great time to really go further and push the envelope to differentiate ourselves from the competition.
Q. In what ways do you feel Go Further contributes to Ford’s transformation?  
A. Here at Ford Canada the folks here are so hard working.  They’re so dedicated; they’re so committed to this business.  They have been going further for years.  Go Further gives us a voice behind all the hard work the Ford of Canada team has already done.  And with this business as anybody knows it’s very competitive and you can never rest on your laurels and even though we have the best product showroom we’ve ever had, we have the best dealers in the industry and we have the best professional s working in this industry, we need to continue to go further to support our business and our customers.
Q. Anything additional that you’d like to add?
A.  What’s wonderful about Go Further is it gives us another opportunity to share our Ford story and talk about our transformation and talk about surviving through unprecedented times and now growing as a company.  Go Further is all about having the ‘secret sauce.’  We have the best product; supported by a great plan, supported by tremendous dealers and a wonderful group of people supporting the business to go further.  



4/19/2012 6:00 AM