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 Ford and Comedian Alex Diaz Team Up to Benefit College Students

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Ford Motor Company and comedian Alex Diaz kicked off the second phase of their college tour as part of the launch of the all-new 2014 Ford Fiesta. The collaboration between the automaker and Diaz entails a tour of Puerto Rico’s universities to showcase the new vehicle and present the comedian’s new, free of charge, stand-up comedy show “Profe…NO ENTIENDO,” or “Professor . . . I DON’T UNDERSTAND.”

Díaz and his production team expect to draw more than 4,000 students across eight universities, most of them in the UPR campuses, through Oct. 22. The Ford team will be on site offering attendees free test drives of the 2014 Ford Fiesta and handing out exclusive prizes to participants.

With this initiative, Díaz officially partnered with Ford for the launch of the new Fiesta, the brand’s bestselling car in the island. Throughout the college tour, Ford has seen a positive reinforcement of the brand through social media channels and has reached a diverse group of audience in an educational environment.

The first phase of the college tour ran from January to March on eight Interamericana Universities campuses around the island. With Ford Motor Company’s support, the first college tour reached more than 3,500 university students and an additional 1,100 people who attended the show at the Fine Arts Center in Guaynabo in June. Ford turned the venue into a blue showroom and exhibited the Focus, Fiesta and Escape.

“I couldn’t be happier with the support we have had from the Puerto Rican youth in this comedy movement. For me, having the opportunity to reach so many places I never imagined has been a dream come true,” Díaz said. “I’m also very grateful of Ford Puerto Rico because they have placed their trust on us since day one. They are always available to support great ideas that impact education efforts and our society.”

The comedian will be portraying all his fan-favorite characters. Díaz, who has an enormous reach through social media channels, has become a YouTube sensation in Puerto Rico with characters like the “Caco,” an urban character obsessed with rap music and style, and the “Dubidera,” a traditional character of an outspoken woman who wears curls in her hair for every occasion. Having surpassed 6.1 million YouTube channel views, Díaz is the local personality with the most views on the island and has more than 216,300 fans following him on Twitter and Facebook.

Díaz said he never thought he would make it so far. “When I began making videos, my family and friends told me it was not a good idea because people wouldn’t laugh, but I kept going and look where we are now.”

With his sense of humor and family-friendly comedy, Diaz has won over the Puerto Rican audience with online videos that portray everyday island life. Ford’s partnership with Diaz is an example of how the company aims to reach out to the local community through educational efforts that positively impact lives.




10/7/2013 6:00 AM