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Message from Alan Mulally and Jim Farley

Click here to watch a brief welcome back message from Alan Mulally as we take One Ford...and Go Further.

To view the video with translated subtitles, click here.

Ford's Group Vice President of Global Marketing, Sales and Service shares his thoughts on the company's new global brand promise Go Further.  Click here for an excerpt from that discussion.

For more of Jim’s perspective, click here to watch the accompanying video.


 Ford Ushers in New Year with Global Brand Promise

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​DEARBORN - For the past four years, Ford Motor Company employees across the globe have been living by the tenets of the One Ford plan, including working together to provide customers with a full portfolio of vehicles that deliver on the four pillars underpinning the Ford brand: Quality, Green, Safe and Smart. 

As the new year begins, the journey continues with the inception of Go Further, a global brand promise that gives One Ford a voice and takes the One Ford plan to the next level by communicating to consumers the special attributes that distinguish Ford from other automakers.  

“One Ford means so much to us as employees, but externally it’s hard for people to know what it really means and why it differentiates us,” said Jim Farley, group vice president, Global Marketing, Sales and Service.  “Go Further literally allows us to document all of the output of One Ford and the One Ford plan, and it tells customers that our products and services go further than our competitors.”

While the phrase Go Further is new, the meaning behind it is not, according to Elena Ford, director, Global Marketing, Sales and Service. 

Go Further is something that already exists within Ford Motor Company,” she said. “It means that we’re never going to rest on our laurels.  We’re always going to go further for great products, a strong business and a better world.”

Farley says Go Further is an ideal way to express the Ford brand promise because it captures the essence of three unique characteristics embedded in the company’s heritage:  people serving people, ingenuity and attainability.

“At Ford, we go further because we serve each other – and that’s service to the local community, our dealers, ourselves as employees and our customers,” he said.  “We are also committed to innovation and making our customers’ lives better in surprising ways.  But we want to go further than just innovate.  We want to make that innovation available to everyone, not just a few people.”

Ford is quick to point out that Go Further does not mean that employees are being asked to do more than what they are already doing.

“We’re not saying people aren’t doing enough.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  We’ve got a multitude of examples that are tied to Quality, Green, Safe and Smart where we are already going further,” she said.  “But there are times when we still need to go further.  It depends on the industry and the economics of the world.”                                                                                   



1/2/2012 7:00 PM