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 Ford U.S. Sales Increase Across Entire Lineup, Push Coastal Growth

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​DEARBORN - June was another great U.S. sales month for Ford, as the company continues to see growth across its entire lineup of cars, utilities and trucks.

The company’s June U.S. sales increased 13 percent compared with last year, and it was the best June sales since 2006, according to Ford U.S. Sales Analyst Erich Merkle.

“This month is another really positive proof point that Ford has the precise product mix to benefit from long-term shifts in consumer buying preferences for vehicles as well as cyclical increases in pickups,” he said.

Year-to-date sales of cars were up 12 percent.  Utilities were up 16 percent, and trucks were up 12 percent. 
Stand-out vehicles in June include F-Series trucks – which posted best June sales since 2005 – and the Escape, which marked its fifth straight record sales month in June.

“If you look at year-to-date Escape sales, we’ve sold more than 156,000 vehicles,” said Merkle.  “If we keep that pace up for the remaining six months of the year we will be on track to become the first automaker to sell more than 300,000 small utilities in a year.”

Escape has helped propel Ford’s overall retail utility share in the coastal regions to approximately 14 percent, which is in line with Toyota and now just one point away from Honda.

And sales of Ford’s small cars – including Fiesta, Focus and C-MAX – were up 39 percent over last year, marking the best June small car performance in 13 years. 

“Our largest region for small car sales is Los Angeles, which also happens to be the largest market for small cars overall,” said Merkle.  “Our small car retail sales are up 39 percent in the L.A. region for the first six months of the year.”

Small car sales are also up 48 percent in San Francisco and 41 percent in Seattle.

“We’re growing at a much faster rate than the overall segment in those markets and it is contributing to our retail share gains on the coast,” said Merkle.

Ford is expanding its reach to the coasts, and that is very important, says Merkle. 

“Ford brand retail share is up almost a full percentage point on the East and West coasts,” he said.  “And since 2008, our share is up almost 2.5 percentage points – faster than any other automotive brand.”

But, as always, there is an opportunity to do more, says Merkle.

“This has been a great first half but we have such an opportunity in the second half to even better,” he said.  “We’re going to have to work really hard because we’ve got capacity coming online this fall for full-size pickups and for Fusion that is going to have to be there to meet the growing demand for those vehicles. This is going to be a year like few of us have ever seen.”



7/3/2013 6:00 AM