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 Ford Recruiting Paves the Way to Opportunity

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​DEARBORN - Ford plans to hire 2,200 salaried workers to fill jobs in key areas, including Product Development, Manufacturing, Information Technology and Purchasing. This is the largest increase in new salaried workers in more than a decade and a result, in part, of Ford’s continued aggressive pace of new products.

Some of the incremental positions for salaried jobs are in response to the market growth in the U.S. and increases in consumer demand for Ford products.

“This is the highest hiring levels we’ve had in more than 10 years,” said Laura Kurtz, manager, U.S. Recruiting.

Recruiting has been busy spreading the word that Ford is hiring by supporting Ford campus recruiters, updating recruiting materials and issuing press releases.

A recent great example was Ford’s presence at this year’s North American International Auto Show where Recruiting set up a booth adjacent to Ford products and chatted with folks about Ford as a company, an employer as well as salaried job opportunities.

“We wanted to get the message out that Ford is hiring and we thought what a great way to reach people who are interested in the automotive industry by being at the auto show,” said Kurtz. “We had a recruiting presence at the show each day and it was very successful.”

Recruiting also updated its recruiting materials so that their external message to candidates is aligned with the company’s Go Further global brand promise and Ford’s Employment Value Proposition. These new recruitment advertising materials will be incorporated into external messaging, such as letters sent out to candidates and communications used on campuses.

Additionally, the Recruiting office has averaged two or more talent management conferences held at the Conference and Event Center each month. Each conference typically brings in 60 to 80 people who interview for various positions and learn about Ford as an employer.

“We want to bring awareness around recruiting and everything that goes into it,” said Mary Gollan, supervisor, U.S. Recruiting. “We have more than 900 Ford campus recruiters composed of alumni from various universities that work at Ford and go back to their campuses every year to help us find talented interns and Ford College Graduates (FCG).”

Because of the concerted efforts of the Ford campus recruiters, Ford recently completed the majority of the hiring for the FCG and intern classes for 2013.

“Kudos to the campus teams who do the work and are out there, but we’ve met our campus hiring quota for 2013. We will start in August for 2014 campus recruiting season,” said Kurtz.

Until then, arrangements are being made for Ford’s summer interns who will start in May, totaling more than 300.

“We see recruiting as a team sport – it’s a very collaborative part of the business where it takes the recruiting professionals in my office, the HR teams that support the skill teams and the operations working together to make a successful hire,” said Kurtz.

The importance of getting the message out that Ford is hiring is crucial because the more the message is communicated, the better chance there is of finding and hiring the right people. And the best advocates are Ford employees.

“Our employees are our most valuable resource for recruiting new people,” said Gollan. “Their passion and interest in Ford as an employer translates well to anyone interested and that’s usually what the biggest draw is for our candidates.”



3/27/2013 6:00 AM