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Dave Schochleftjoined FLH Chairman Robert Tsung and President Thomas Fann to sing Happy Birthday Song at FLH’s 40th anniversary celebration.
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 Ford Lio Ho Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

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CHUNG-LI, Taiwan — Ford Lio Ho (FLH) held an “Amazing Forty” last Friday to celebrate 40 years delivering world class products to Taiwanese customers and supporting local communities.

Thomas Fann, FLH president, led VIP guests to walk through a “Time Tunnel,” showcasing the company’s major achievements and milestones.

Robert Tsung, FLH chairman, then delivered an emotional speech to the Ford team.
“It was 40 years ago that my father and uncle travelled across the Pacific Ocean in search of the chance of a joint-venture with an internationally-renowned automobile company, Ford. Mr. Henry Ford showed great hospitality at Dearborn,” he said.
“It was a difficult time for our company as well as Taiwan. Yet Mr. Ford cordially reached out to us during that time and committed not only to invest in the joint-venture but also generously helped us develop the latest automobile technology and management skills” Tsung added.
Established in 1972 by Ford Motor Company and The Lio Ho Group Taiwan, FLH has aggressively grown its business while contributing to the community over the past four decades.
Dave Schoch, chairman and CEO of Ford Greater China, and John Lawler, CFO of Ford Asia Pacific and Africa, attended the ceremony while Bill Ford, Ford Executive Chairman, Bob Shanks, CFO of Ford Motor Company, and Joe Hinrichs, President of Ford Asia Pacific and Africa, sent their personal greetings via videos to congratulate FLH. 
“It is an honour to be here, witnessing this great moment in FLH history,” said Schoch. “It is not an easy thing to do for a company to stay in business for 40 years, let alone being a great automaker in both international and domestic markets. This honour belongs to Mr. Tsung and all FLH employees.”
At the ceremony, Schoch handed out awards to eight 40-year suppliers and one dealer recognized for excellence, thanking them for their support and expressing confidence that the partnerships will continue to thrive in the years to come.
In addition to Ford executives, officials from the government and foreign institutes, such as Vice Minister of Economic Affairs and Taoyuan County Magistrate, Director of American Institute in Taiwan, and Executive Director of Canadian Trade Office in Taipei were also present at the ceremony, where an aboriginal dance was performed by students from Chung-Hwa Vocational Senior High School.
The day turned into a “fiesta” for all FLH employees at the event with a live jazz performance, lucky draws and fun games for employee and their family throughout the day.
The “Amazing Forty” event was divided into four sections — Big Stage, Adventure Land, House of Surprises and Gourmet World, which offered tug of war, darts, and table tennis, as well as a variety of foods.
Adding to the fun, local celebrities sang, danced and hosted talk shows. A lucky draw was also held to give away tablet computers as prizes.
“I spent 25 out of the 40 years in FLH,” said Tuan Wei-Chung from the company’s union of employees. “I really appreciate what the company has done, its steadfast and strong management continues to inspire all employees dedicate themselves to their jobs.”
As part of the internal celebration of this milestone achievement, employees were invited to participate in quiz contests about the company’s history, as well as to send photo messages with their wishes for the company. More than 400 employees took the quiz on company’s history while another 80 gave their best “birthday” wishes.
To further commemorate the anniversary, FLH published a 140-page book “Ford Lio Ho’s 40 Anniversary,” which included 23 stories from current and retired employees, suppliers and dealers.
“I would like to thank all the employees and business partners, including suppliers and dealers, for making Ford Lio Ho’s 40-year business in Taiwan a big success. Many guests from the government and external parties were impressed by the team’s energy and excitement demonstrated on the event day,” said Thomas Fann, president of FLH.
“These first forty years have been historic for Ford’s business in Taiwan. It also marks the very beginning of a new chapter. As proud members to the FLH family, let’s carry the torch and march into another glorious decade.” added Fann.
Building on its success in the past four decades, FLH has introduced many new vehicles to the market this year, including the all-new Focus, all-new Ranger, Mustang limited edition and the new Fiesta. The company also launched its Better Plan earlier this year to continually serve the interest of Taiwanese customers.
Eight suppliers of 40-year partnership with FLH were recognized with anniversary plaques by Dave Schoch.
An aboriginal dance was performed by students from Chung-Hwa Vocational Senior High School, to which FLH used to offer short-term opportunities for internship.
A family of three poses a red Festiva built in late 1980s.
The biggest winner of the day, Tseng Chen-ping from Manufacturing plant (2nd to left), got the first prize of NT$60,000.
FLH President Thomas Fann, HR Director Simon Woollard and Manufacturing Director Proton on stage to thank employees and their families.
Management team and union representatives played tug of war, symbolizing team work, as a traditional performance at anniversary celebrations.



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