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​Dan Dunnigan, chairman, Ford Interfaith Network
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 Ford Interfaith Network Hosts National Day of Prayer Event

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​DEARBORN - The Ford Interfaith Network (FIN) recently hosted a National Day of Prayer event at Ford World Headquarters.  "Prayer – Our Foundation and Our Anchor,” was the theme of this year’s event that brought together nearly 80 men and women of diverse denominations. The event was also webcast to various remote Ford locations in North America.

Ford embraces a strong policy on diversity and inclusion.   In recent years, FIN has seen increased awareness and appreciation for the annual event. 

“Diversity is a competitive advantage for Ford in today’s global economy and it’s critically important as we pursue our growth plans around the world.  Our Employee Resource Groups like the Ford Interfaith Network (FIN) are another way to attract, connect, develop and retain employees at Ford Motor Company.  Participating in this year’s National Day of Prayer is just one of the many activities the Ford Interfaith Network leads or participates in, and is a great example of employees coming together to promote diversity and understanding,” said Nick Smither, Group Vice President and CIO and executive sponsor of the Ford Interfaith Network.

Those in attendance were greeted with inspirational music and a slide presentation offering information on prayer from the various denominations represented.  Speakers from FIN’s faith-based teams represented at the event included Catholic, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Latter-day Saints and Muslim.  

“We appreciate the blessing of living in a country where freedom of religion is respected and protected.  And we appreciate that Ford Motor Company values the role that faith plays in the lives of so very many employees.  In fact, Ford is a leader in proactively supporting the appropriate expression of faith in the workplace,” said Dan Dunnigan, chairman, Ford Interfaith Network.

FIN’s event coincided with the United States annual National Day of Prayer observance held on the first Thursday of May each year.





5/11/2012 6:00 AM