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Chris Masterson, marketing manager, Ford New Zealand, talks Breakfast host Toni Street through the Active Park Assist feature on the all-new Ford Focus.

 Ford Focus Enters New Zealand Parking Battle of the Sexes

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AUCKLAND, New Zealand – During a friendly debate on New Zealand’s most popular morning TV program about whether women were worse at parking cars than men, there was one clear winner: the all-new Ford Focus.
The controversy was sparked when the mayor of the small German town of Triberg made headlines recently by introducing easy-access parking spaces reserved for women, arguing that females were not as accomplished at parking as men.
In New Zealand, it stirred a debate among the hosts of TVNZ’s Breakfast. So a live TV challenge was set up for the hosts to settle the debate - who really does park best? However, just as they we’re ready to settle things, a third competitor entered the fray – the all-new Ford Focus Titanium, featuring Active Park Assist.
Chris Masterson, marketing manager, Ford New Zealand, joined Breakfast hosts Toni Street and Rawdon Christie for the parking challenge. On live national TV, the hosts both attempted a parallel parking challenge manually and then went for a second attempt using the Active Park Assist feature. Both hosts were thoroughly impressed and while the debate goes on as to whether males or females park best, the Ford Focus came out a clear winner on the day.
“It was a really fun opportunity to demonstrate the smart technology in the all-new Ford Focus,” said Masterson. “We were confident going into the challenge we had the winner!”



7/16/2012 11:45 PM