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 Ford Boosts 2013 Hiring Initiative, Adds 800 Salaried Jobs

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​DEARBORN - In the largest salaried hiring initiative since 2000, Ford announced Tuesday it will increase its salaried U.S. workforce by 3,000 employees before the end of 2013. This number is up 800 employees from projections made earlier in the year. It is estimated 2,400, or 80 percent, of the new hires will be engineers and technical professionals who will work in Product Development, Manufacturing, Quality and IT to meet demand for new skills.

“Engineers are in as much demand as our cars, trucks and SUVs,” said Felicia Fields, Ford group vice president, Human Resources. “Global demand and increasing capacity in North America and Asia requires that we aggressively seek out technical professionals in order to continue our growth.”

To reach these technical professionals, Ford is launching a recruiting campaign titled, “The Distance Between You and an Amazing Career Has Never Been Shorter.” The campaign, which will have a significant social media presence via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, encourages engineers to bring their talents to Ford to have a positive impact on consumers world-wide by implementing revolutionary ideas and solutions.

Ford also will have an increased presence on college campuses as part of the initiative to fill the 1,500 remaining salaried positions. However, Graydon Reitz, global director, Electronics and Electrical Systems, noted the hiring will not be limited to recent college graduates, but also will include a mix of professionals with three to 10 years of experience. According to both Fields and Reitz, what is most important is bringing on people with the skills and talent needed, but who also understand the Go Further promise.

“I do think talented people can be hard to find, but we have to work much harder because it’s not just about finding talent, it’s about finding the right talent. It’s being smart about our hiring” Fields said.

During the period of 2006 through 2009, during the height of the economic recession, Ford lost 13,000 salaried employees in the U.S. The addition of 1,850 salaried employees in 2012 and the 3,000 planned for 2013 are directly linked to customer demand for Ford products, according to Fields. “We are growing, but we are going to grow smarter and in a competitive way,” said Fields.

“We created the (hiring) campaign to align with Ford’s global brand promise and highlight that when you join Ford you will become a part of a team already leading the way in imagination and creation,” said Fields.

For those technical professionals and engineers already working to develop Ford’s future products, the company provides measurement tools called “competency platforms” that summarize the skills needed to successfully fulfill the requirements of each position. Because technology improves and changes rapidly, these platforms are reviewed and updated regularly to help employees grow and continue to develop their skills.

While news of Ford adding salaried workers is exciting, Ford also has reached 75 percent of its goal to add 12,000 hourly workers in the U.S. by 2015.

“Our message to job candidates is really simple: Bring your talents to Ford and help us build an even greater future for both of us,” said Fields.

Anyone interested in applying for any of the remaining salaried positions can go to for details.




7/24/2013 6:05 AM