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 Ford Asian Indian Association Goes Further Hosting Design Showroom Tour Event

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​DEARBORN - Recently, the Ford Asian Indian Association (FAIA) hosted its Second Annual Design Showroom Tour. With the success of FAIA first Showroom Tour, anticipation was high for the 2012 event.  

The Design Studio is where Ford Motor Company develops the Interior and Exterior styling of its future products. Due to the sensitive nature of the work, few employees ever have an opportunity to see the future products and interact with the Design Studio teams.

This event was intended to provide members with an opportunity to learn about the Ford's design process, better understand the cutting-edge technology used to design Ford vehicles, view some of Ford's future products, and see first-hand why more and more people are making Ford their brand of choice. In the end, FAIA's goal is to make every one of the group active "Ford Brand Ambassadors."

The event took place in Ford's Design Center Showroom. The showroom is a large circular dome-shaped room used by management for studio reviews of future interior and exterior vehicle design concepts.

Arrangements for the tour were made by Sandeep Gupta, member of FAIA's Brand Promotion team with the support of fellow FAIA Brand Promotion team members, Brand Promotion team leaders Sy Hafeez, Suchit Mate and Vishal Shah, along with FAIA President Nand Kochhar and Treasurer Sri Ganapathy.

The event was extremely successful, with over 50 FAIA members participating.

The tour was given by the Design Studio Business Manager George Manning. Manning is a veteran of the Design team, having served many years both in the U.S. and overseas. His depth of experience and global perspective made him the perfect speaker for this event.

The tour was conducted in an open Q&A format, with FAIA members free to ask questions about the Ford design process, future design direction and any other questions that came to mind. Mr. Manning started the event by providing an overview of the Design activity. He also provided insight into the exterior and interior design processes, covering topics such as Market Research, Theme Development, and Design Model Build Process. In addition to the narrative on the Design process, the Showroom included several future Design models.

The FAIA members were an enthusiastic group, asking all sorts of questions about Ford's design process, future direction and future products.

The feedback from group members after the event was very positive. Comments such as "It was eye opening,”  “Very informative”  and “Look forward to more of these events in the future” help to reinforce the need to continue this event for this Ford Employee Resource Group.




7/10/2012 6:00 AM