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 Fiesta Faces the Media

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ROME, Italy - More than 400 European media have been putting all-new Ford Fiesta through its paces in and around the beautiful city of Rome in recent weeks.

For many, the central media drive was their first chance to get behind the wheel of the latest version of Europe’s best-selling small car. For Ford, it was very important to make a good first impression - you don’t get a second chance to do that!

Over the past couple of months the Communication and Public Affairs Team have been working with product experts in Marketing and PD to identify the product highlights of the new Fiesta….and to show off those attributes to their best. The following video, presented by Frank Klaas, executive Director, C&PA, explains the concept and importance of central media drives.
“The key aim of media drives is to provide a memorable drive for the media and give our new products a great start when it launches in the market,” said Klaas.
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12/17/2012 4:50 AM