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 FRAP Employees Featured in Video about Workplace Safety

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Fred Ray, team leader, was one of the FRAP employees featured in the Faces of Safety video. Click here to see complete image.
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​FLAT ROCK, Mich. - Frederick Ray,  Flat Rock Assembly Plant’s (FRAP) body shop team leader, learned an invaluable safety tip in his high school shop class.

“Before going into your workstation, first look down, then look around,” Ray said. That advice is as valid today as when he first learned it all those years ago.

“It’s something I always remembered from that class and it really applies to my job today,” he said, as he prepared to recite his message for the cameras.

Ray is one of nearly 20 FRAP team members that have a message featured on the new safety kiosk positioned outside the cafeteria in the Great Hall. His catchy safety rhyme was a perfect fit for what Ford Regional Safety and Security Manager Wendy Burkett needed as her film crew visited FRAP in May.

“Safety first – It’s not just a slogan, but a way of life,” said Terry Bourbina, MP&L driver, as he pointed into the camera.

The kiosk, a seven-foot-tall stand fitted with speakers and a 60” HDTV standing on its side, gives a unique viewpoint of the FRAP team members as they state their most-memorable safety slogans and rules.

The modern design also adds an eye-catching look to a kiosk that delivers important safety information.

“As we all know, safety is our first priority,” said Curt Cinglie, FRAP safety engineer. “The kiosk is a great and interesting way to get someone’s attention and teach them about different safety procedures.”

The video loops periodically with other messaging and videos meant to help educate and update the FRAP team on all things safety-related.

Plant Manager Tim Young, who’s also featured in the video, was impressed with the messaging and dedication to safety each team member presented during the almost four-minute video.

“They’re all great messages and it shows what our first and most-important priority is at Flat Rock Assembly Plant – The safety of our team,” Young said.

In the video, Young spoke about the team’s responsibility to follow safety procedures so everyone can “go home in the same condition you came to work in.”

Flat Rock is the first plant to receive the safety kiosk and it’s expected to roll out in other facilities later this year. The following team members helped create the Faces of Safety video at FRAP:

Terry Bourbina – MP&L Hilo Driver
Barry Rayman – MP&L Hilo Driver
Ron Cheff – Central Maintenance
Bill Henderson – Body Sides Production
Bill Baccile – Central Maintenance
Fred Ray – Team Leader
Dale Niesen – Quality Control
Rick Brown – Maintenance Supervisor
Chris Johnson – Body Shop Team Leader
Kim Vandenberg – PDI
Donna Fuller – Final Assembly Engine Line
Junior Quinones – Final Assembly Team Leader
Wesley Daniels – Final Assembly Repair
Teddy Bondy – UAW H&S Rep
Ken Pirlot – Engine Line Team Leader
Cindy Dusik – Paint Shop – Air Leak Technician
Michelle Whitlow – Paint Shop SPOC Coordinator
Dennis Wrobel – Paint Repair 



6/12/2013 6:00 AM