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 Drivers in Export and Growth Markets Gear Up to Challenge All-New Ford Ranger

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​MALAYSIA/NIGERIA - Ford Ranger fans across Export & Growth (E&G) markets and elsewhere are figuring out ways to test the all-new truck in the Global Ranger Challenge.

People in selected markets around the world are being asked to suggest tough, real-life challenges for the all-new Ranger to take on. The contest kicked off in May 2011 in Australia, where the first winner was crowned ( and continues to expand to new countries, including Malaysia and Nigeria – two priority markets for E&G’s launch of the all-new Ranger.

Built to go off-roading with scarcely a second thought, the Ranger has successfully traversed not only a tropical rainforest and remote river, but roads covered in snow and ice. It’s also climbed a rocky mountain, transported elephants and been thoroughly tested by people using it to go where an ordinary truck might not be able to.

Along the way winners have also been selected in South Africa ( and Thailand ( – all of them proving that Ranger can handle just about any challenge that comes along.

Just getting under way is the challenge in Malaysia. Drivers there can now go online to submit their ideas for how they would test the Ranger. Five will get to use a Ranger to try out their challenge, with the participant whose challenge is deemed the best by the general public winning a new Ford Ranger.

In Malaysia, entries can be submitted at or until midnight, March 31.

Participating drivers are expected to thoroughly test Ranger’s endurance. “We want consumers to experience its capabilities first-hand by pushing the truck to its limit,” said David Westerman, regional manager, Asia Pacific, Export & Growth. “Malaysian drivers rely on their trucks every day, and this unique test opportunity showcases the all-new Ford Ranger’s ability to stand up to the toughest real-life conditions.


Three finalists have already been selected in Nigeria:

• The Ultimate Challenge will begin with a 65 km drive covering “difficult and almost impossible terrain.”
• The Tolu Omooba Challenge requires Ranger to undertake a demanding journey and manage the workload on a farm.
• In Ranger vs. Omo Forest Reserve, the all-new truck will travel more than two hours to reach the site, then climb rough, rocky and steep hills.
The three finalists, Moses Nwosa, a 28-year-old resident of Lagos who conceived The Ultimate Challenge; Tolulope Akinboye, a 32-yar-old from Ogun (Tolu Omooba Challenge); and Opeyemi Ologun, also 28 and from Lagos (Ranger vs. Omo Forest Reserve), are being provided with Ford Rangers to carry out their challenges.
The winner will be announced in April and will receive a new Ford Ranger.
More Ranger challenges lie ahead. On the horizon are competitions in Panama, the United Kingdom, Russia, Greece and Brazil.



2/15/2012 6:00 AM