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 Diversity and Inclusion Summit Nominee of the Week: Tampa Business Center Diversity Committee

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​DEARBORN - The Diversity and Inclusion Summit recognizes teams and individuals who Go Further to bring diversity and inclusion and the One Ford commitment to life.  This week, we introduce you to another team that has been nominated for the 2012 Diversity and Inclusion Award.



TEAM MEMBERS:  Ashley Abrams, Alesha Baker, John Blanco, Oskar Calderon, Randy Crouse, Michael DelNegro, Syrita Ford, Al Fortunato, Johnson Janvier, Deliah Lewis, Veronica Noguera, Isabel Oliver,  Ashley Petit, Patricia Roberts, Xiomara Rodriguez, Beatriz Rodriguez, Lisa Skiba, Doug Sumner, Julie Taylor, Ebony Thomas, Xailein Villanueva, Mark Warshawsky, Susan Wickham, Kimberly Williams, Sonya Williamson 

The Tampa Business Center’s Diversity Committee believes in being a visible and active group within the Tampa Business Center. They help to promote participation in various Employee Resource Groups (ERG) in Tampa and contribute to the Tampa community. Their actions are focused on bringing an awareness of the importance of a diverse workforce to Ford Credit.

The Tampa Business Center’s Diversity Committee is 44 members strong. The committee meets monthly to plan initiatives to support a diverse culture within the Business Center. Many members volunteer their free time to ensure that various events are executed as planned.   Here is a look at the programs this team has worked on for 2012.

May 2012
The Diversity Committee sponsored a Taste of Diversity event on May 23. A room was reserved where each ERG within the Tampa Business Center (FAAN, FHNG, Globe, WiFC and VET NG) along with the Diversity Committee set up a table to display information about each group. The goal of the event was to increase new membership for all the ERGs as well as provide a positive atmosphere where employees could interact and meet each other. Each group provided light snacks or refreshments to follow the theme Taste of Diversity. The Diversity Committee presented each employee who stopped by with a card designed as a paint pallet with all ERGs represented on it. The employee was encouraged to visit each table in order to get their pallet stamped.  Approximately 120 employees visited all five displays to become eligible for the raffle while additional employees stopped down to mingle with their coworkers. The ERGs also received approximately 60 total signatures from employees interested in joining the various groups.

June 2012
The Diversity Committee sponsored its annual summer food drive. The food drive was conducted June 11-18. Approximately 350 to 400 individual food items were collected to support Feeding America Tampa Bay. A contest was held between the four floors of the Tampa Business Center.

July 2012
The Diversity Committee sponsored its annual Celebrate Independence Day decorating contest. Teams could choose from any number of themes, (i.e. the flag, the military, a famous battle for independence, commemorating a specific state, symbols of independence and patriotism) when decorating their areas. A total of eight teams participated and it was a great team building and morale builder for the department.

August 2012
The Diversity Committee produced a newsletter that will be cascaded via email to all members of the Tampa Business Center. This newsletter places a spotlight on an employee from the Tampa Business Center who discusses his or her background and what diversity means to them. The newsletter also gives some background information on our various ERGs, lists upcoming events in the Business Center and includes various fun facts about diversity. The newsletter was produced weekly for the month of August and was then produced the first week of every month going forward.

November 2012
The Diversity Committee plans to partner with the Ford Hispanic Network Group for the second year to conduct a Food and Hygiene Product drive to benefit a local food bank and The Children’s Home.

Tampa Business Center’s Diversity Committee
The Tampa Business Center’s Diversity Committee’s efforts to promote diversity within the workplace, their involvement with charitable activities within the community and their efforts to promote the various Employee Resource Groups within the Business Center make them a team to watch in 2012.

Please join the summit event and see if some of your favorite nominations are selected as Corporate Honorees. This year's event will be Web-streamed live from World Headquarters in Dearborn, on Nov. 7 and will be led by Group Vice President of Global Purchasing Tony Brown.   The award presenters will be program managers/job-share partners Julie Rocco and Julie Levine. 

Mark your calendar and join us as we celebrate the deserving teams and individuals who truly…. Go Further!




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