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 Diversity and Inclusion Awards Nominee of the Week:  Ford South America Operations Health

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​DEARBORN - The Diversity and Inclusion Summit recognizes teams and individuals who Go Further to bring diversity and inclusion, and the One Ford commitment to life.  This week, we introduce you to another terrific team that has been nominated for the 2012 Diversity and Inclusion Award.


TEAM NAME:   FSAO Health (Ford South America Operations)

TEAM MEMBERS: Miriam Barbaroto, Andre BorbaSilva, Thais Bueno, Cinthia Gouvea, Ernesto Huerta, Tatiana Mazurkhyenvitz, SimoneCristin Reicco. Alexandra Santana, Patriciados Santos 

The Ford South America Operations (FSAO) Health team established a partnership with the ONG Amigos do Bem, by encouraging and mobilizing the participation of employees in a diverse and charitable campaign to contribute clothing and food to the 'Serto Nordestino' population.

The Amigos do Bem ONG is a nonprofit organization that has the main objective of contributing to the eradication of hunger and poverty in the Brazilian Northeast region, through educational activities and projects that promote self-sustainability and social development of this poor region.

The FSAO team developed a Diversity and Charity campaign to collect food, clothing and toys.   Collection points were established at main entries and in the cafeteria for donations to be collected at the Sao Bernardo do Campo Plant

In addition to the collection, the Amigos do Bem ONG installed a structure between restaurants for distribution and selling products which were produced by the ONG in the Serto Nodestino.   Items included typical products of the region, such as handcrafts, clothing, straw products, honey, cashews and milk candy.

All the funds raised went directly to the families registered in the project “Transforming Lives,” maintained by the project Amigos do Bem in the Brazilian Serto Nordestino.

Please join the summit event and see if some of your favorite nominations are selected as Corporate Honorees. This year's event will be Web-streamed live from World Headquarters in Dearborn, on Nov.  7… and will be led by our Group Vice President of Global Purchasing Tony Brown.   The award presenters will be program managers/job-share partners Julie Rocco and Julie Levine. 

Mark your calendar and join us as we celebrate the deserving teams and individuals who truly…. Go Further!



9/26/2012 5:00 AM