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 Check Out Digital Worker’s New Home Page!

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Have you seen the stylish, more functional Digital Worker home page yet?
DEARBORN - The new page – unveiled on April 29 – is a collaborative effort between the Digital Worker team and the Creative Design and Usability team from Ford IT’s Application Implementation Center.

Digital Worker is the site where Ford employees can go to find out how to use IT Office Productivity and Communication Tools.  It features appropriate learning and support resources to increase the employee’s capability access.

“Digital Worker is focused on the impact that IT tools and technology will have on our end users.  No two digital workers are exactly alike when it comes to adopting, learning, and working with Digital Worker tools,” said Jeanine De Guzman, manager, Digital Worker. 

“Our approach is to deliver technology, training, and communications from multiple perspectives in order to achieve maximum value for all users,” she said.  “Not only do we want to help people learn to work smarter, faster, and easier using technology, but we want to help them do that in the simplest, most optimal way for them.”

Visitors to the updated Digital Worker site will find a more structured flow of content with dedicated sections for key Digital Worker programs.  These key changes were made based on feedback from a 2012 focus group, direct Digital Worker site user feedback over the year, and a post-redesign focus group held in February of this year.

Other enhancements to the site include:
• A big banner for easier-to-read Digital Worker alerts and messages, with the same urgency indicators (Urgent, FYI, News Flash) used with Digital Worker emails
• Streamlined access to the “How iWork” scenarios and “How Do I” tools
• Streamlined Activity Calendar to make it easier to find the events that matter to you

Additional new features that will improve the user experience on the site include:
• Enrollees in the Go Digital…Go Further program will enjoy one-click direct access to their Go Digital…Go Further program, including a personalized view of their progress
• You can now rate your favorite Tips and Tricks to increase the visibility and socialize Tips and Tricks you like with other colleagues and Digital Workers.
• You can now engage with others who have submitted Tips and Tricks and testimonials with one click to a user’s presence indicator information, their MySite, and their Digital Worker profile
• Visibility into more user-driven Tips and Tricks and/or Testimonials than ever before

Also, don’t forget that if you still don’t see the information that you’re looking for on the home page, the “Search” section at the top right corner of the home page can be used to find information based on your keyword topic.

If you are already a Digital worker, see if you agree that the new home page can help you to further grow, learn, and interact with other employees.  Don’t forget to share your thoughts through email or Yammer, or go to the Digital Worker Home page and select “Feedback” under the “Talk with Us” section.

If you haven’t visited the Digital Worker site, check it out and see how other employees are increasing their productivity with Digital Worker programs. 




5/13/2013 6:00 AM