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Major Changes Coming to Improve Audio Conferencing
​In April, Digital Worker began introducing a new audio conferencing service that integrates with WebEx. This new service provides a streamlined and interactive way for you to conduct audio and WebEx meetings. It also addresses the current audio conference capacity challenges we experience during peak call times. Click here to read more.
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 Changes in WebEx, New Audio Conferencing Service and Office 2010 will Make Collaboration Easier

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DEARBORN - With team members on various continents and in different time zones, collaboration through document sharing and virtual meetings is important.  Digital Worker is rolling out some new changes that will make connecting with the One Ford Team easier and more efficient.  Please read below for an interview with Paul Landray, Director of Global IT Operations. 

Q. What is Ford IT planning in the months ahead to help make collaboration easier within Ford?
A.  First, starting this month, Digital Worker is introducing audio conferencing integrated with WebEx online data sharing.  Targeted for completion in mid-year 2012, this will help alleviate audio capacity constraints while leveraging new tool capabilities to make it easier for employees to hold meetings. Second, targeted for 2Q through 3Q 2012, Digital Worker will provide Office 2010 to Windows XP users globally, to improve the ability to share files and view calendars through Outlook.  This means that employees will not have to wait for PC renewal to obtain the latest Microsoft Office software. 

Q.  What are some benefits of the new audio tool, WebEx with WebEx Audio?
A.  When an employee clicks to join the WebEx meeting, the new system provides the option to automatically call them back on their FordNet (7 digit) phone number, connecting them into the conference call.  During the meeting, the employee will also be able to easily see who is speaking, and mute/unmute themselves with a button within WebEx.  Watch the quick orientation video to see how this new tool will work.  Visit the WebEx with WebEx Audio “How do I” page for more product details.
Q.  If WebEx and WebEx audio are linked together, will we be able to use audio as a stand-alone service? 
A. Yes, employees will still be able to use audio conferencing only, using just their phone. 
Q.  Will the main audio conferencing phone number change?  
A. Yes.  Since the new audio conferencing system is being phased in over a period of time, employees will have to dial a new audio conferencing phone number for meetings hosted using the new service.  In addition, the meeting access codes will change.  New host access codes will be provided to employees as they move to the new service.     
Q. When will we begin using the new service?
A.  A pilot begins this month, so employees may be invited to meetings using the new service as early as that time.  Since the new audio service is being phased in over a couple of months, during this time there will be two audio conferencing services in use.  It will be important that employees read their meeting notices carefully to know which audio conferencing phone number to call.  
Q.  What will happen to our current audio conferencing system, MeetingPlace?
A.  MeetingPlace will be removed from service once the global rollout of WebEx with WebEx Audio is complete. 
Q.  What about Office 2010 for Windows XP users?  Why the need? 
A.  Employees will not have to wait until their PC is renewed to receive the latest software.  Providing Office 2010 to current Windows XP users will improve our ability to share files and will reduce the time required to view calendars through Outlook.   
Q.  When will Windows XP users receive Office 2010?
A. Office 2010 will be distributed in phases to each region, targeted to begin in May, with advance notification by email.  Employees will be able to install the software at a time of their choosing, before an automatic install will occur. 
Q. What types of learning support is available for Office 2010?
A.  We understand that for some, this will be a significant change.  There are a variety of great learning resources for Office 2010 located on the Office 2010 “How do I …” page.  In particular, there is a resource that shows you how to find all of the Office 2003 menu commands using the new Office 2010 menu ribbon.  In addition, the Microsoft Home Use Program is available for many employees to learn the software at home at a reduced rate.  Some employees may not be eligible to participate, please visit the site for details.
Q.  Is anything special needed on the computer to install Office 2010?
A.  It is required that the computer has  a minimum of 1GB RAM and 6GB of free space available on the computer hard drive.  It is typically found through the Ford Help icon on your desktop. Some computers may not be eligible to upgrade.
Q.  Will I receive Office 2010 at the same time as WebEx with WebEx Audio?
A.  Although the timeframe for the introduction of both products does overlap, no one region will receive Office 2010 and WebEx with WebEx Audio at the same time.  Look for more details through Digital Worker emails and @FordOnline. 
*NOTE: Some links in this article are available only inside the Ford firewall.



4/16/2012 6:00 AM