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 Changes Coming to Your Audio and WebEx Meetings

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WebEx with WebEx Audio is coming September – October 2012
DEARBORN – This interview is the next in a series with Paul Landray, director, Global IT Operations, letting you know further details on upcoming changes to help make connecting with the One Ford Team easier and more efficient.  Please read below for details.
Q.  How does the new audio conferencing service represent a change for meetings within Ford?  
A.  Digital Worker is introducing audio conferencing combined with WebEx online data sharing.  The integration of these two services will make it easier for employees to hold meetings and will also help alleviate audio capacity constraints. The new service will work like this:  When an employee clicks to join the WebEx meeting, the new system provides the option to automatically call them back on their FordNet 7-digit phone number, connecting them into the conference call.  During the meeting, the employee will also be able to easily see who is speaking, and mute/unmute themselves with a button within WebEx.  Watch the quick orientation video to see how this new tool will work.  Visit the WebEx with WebEx Audio “How do I” page for more product details.
Q. How and when will this new service be introduced to employees?
A. WebEx with WebEx Audio will be rolled out by organization structure weekly through the months of September and October 2012. Employees will receive a Digital Worker email letting them know when they can use the new service.  In addition, information cascades for awareness will be provided by IT prior to skill team transitions, and invitations to Digital Worker Live learning sessions will be sent to support use of the service.  There will also be posters and conference room materials in some buildings to further ease the transition, plus a link to WebEx with WebEx Audio information off the home page of @Ford.            
Q.  If WebEx and WebEx audio are linked together, will we be able to use audio as a stand-alone service? 
A. Yes, employees will still be able to use audio conferencing only, using just their phone. Watch this quick video for details on how the new audio conferencing service will work.
Q. Automatic call back from a WebEx meeting works with a FordNet 7-digit phone, but what about mobile phones?
A. You may still dial in to audio conferencing from a mobile or other non-FordNet 7-digit phone, but you will only be able to use the automatic call back feature if using a FordNet 7-digit phone.   
Q.  Will the main audio conferencing phone number change?  
A. Yes, employees will have to dial a new audio conferencing phone number for meetings hosted using the new service.  Since the new service is being phased in, there will be two audio conferencing services in use for a period of time.  It will be important that employees read their meeting notices carefully to know which audio conferencing phone number to call. 
In addition, the meeting access codes will change.  New host access codes will be provided to employees as they move to the new service.      
Q.  What will happen to our current audio conferencing system, MeetingPlace?
A.  MeetingPlace will be removed from service by the end of 2012.  It is important that you convert existing audio conferencing meetings to the new service. When your transition occurs, you will be provided tools to help you do so.



9/3/2012 6:00 AM